80+ Best Instagram Pick Up Lines

Instagram pick up lines

You are in the right place if Instagram pick up lines is what you are looking for today.

IG has made more couples than Facebook ever will, so if you have an Instagram crush, your chances of getting them to become your lover is extremely high, especially with he help of these Instagram pick up lines.

The Instagram pick up lines below can be used on Instagram comments pick up lines, Instagram DM pick up lines, Instagram reels pick up lines and Instagram story pick up lines.

Below are the best pick up lines for Instagram that will definitely get you the attention of your favorite person on IG.

Go through the entire list of IG pick up lines below and choose a couple of pick up lines that match your current situation with your crush on Instagram and shoot your shot, Today!.

They include funny Instagram pick up lines, cheesy pick up lines for Instagram, sweet Instagram pick up lines, romantic IG pick up lines clever and smooth Instagram pick up lines.

Instagram Pick Up Lines:

Mmmh… So now angels are on Instagram too! Nice.

You are astoundingly gorgeous, but I can tell that’s the least interesting thing about you. I’d love to know more.

I was going to say something really sweet about you, but when I saw you, I became speechless.

Are you a bank loan? Because you got my interest.

I must be in a museum because you truly are a work of art.

Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?

Did the sun come out, or did you just smile at me?

Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?

Something’s wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off you.

Life without you is like a broken pencil…pointless.

Would you mind giving me a pinch? You’re so cute. I must be dreaming.

I’d like to take you to the movies, but they don’t let you bring in your own snacks.

If I had a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I’d still only have five cents.

If beauty were time, you’d be an eternity.

If I were a cat, I’d spend all nine of my lives with you.

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I swear someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

I’m not usually religious, but when I saw you, I knew you were the answer to my prayers.

It’s a good thing I have my library card because I am totally checking you out.

I’m really glad I just bought life insurance because when I saw you, my heart stopped.

Wow, when God made you, he was seriously showing off.

Trust me. I’m not drunk; you just intoxicate me.

Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be fine print.

If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I’ll give it right back.

Excuse me, do you have the time? I just want to remember the exact minute I got a crush on you.

Instagram DM Pick Up Lines:

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Here’s a DM slide to say hi to you.

I’ve been thinking about you from A.M. to P.M., so I figured it’s time to send you a DM.

I’m taking a poll: Do you think asking someone out through a DM is creepy or bold? I’m leaning toward bold, but I want to know what you think.

I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you.

Do you like cats? Because I’m feline a connection between us.

Somebody better call God because he’s missing an angel.

Are you a 45-degree angle? Because you’re acute person!

Did you just come out of the oven? Because you’re hot.

Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.

Are you a 90-degree angle? Because you’re looking just right!

If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.

Do I know you? Oh, sorry, it’s just that you look just like my next girlfriend.

The shovel was a ground-breaking invention. And I’m here trying to break the ice.

If you can guess my favourite restaurant, I’ll take you there for dinner.

We’re not socks, but I think we’d make a great pair.

Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?

I was wondering if you had an extra heart because mine was just stolen.

If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you. The IRS would put me in a higher tax bracket.

Your middle name must be Gillette. Because you’re the best a man can get!

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Know what’s on the menu? Me-N-U.

I’m trying to decide the best way to ask you out. Any ideas?

I hope you know CPR because you just took my breath away!

I would never play hide and seek with you because someone like you is impossible to find.

I was going to call you beautiful, but then I realized I don’t have your number yet.

I was wondering if you’re an artist because you were so good at drawing me in.

I never believed in love at first sight, but that was before I saw you.

Do you happen to have a band-aid? Because I scraped my knees falling for you.

Instagram Comment Pick Up Lines:

If being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged.

You’re like a fine wine. The more of you I drink in, the better I feel.

The sparkle in your eyes is so bright. The sun must be jealous.

Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?

Are you an electrician? Because you’re definitely lighting up my day/night!

If you were a song, you’d be the best track on the album.

If you were a transformer, you’d be ‘Optimus Fine.’

You know, they say that love is when you don’t want to sleep because reality is better than your dreams. And after seeing you, I don’t think I ever want to sleep again.

Can I tie your shoes? Because I don’t want you to fall for anyone else.

I’m not currently an organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.

I can’t tell if that was an earthquake or if you just seriously rocked my world.

I’d say, ‘God bless you,’ but it looks like he already did.

Instagram Reels Pick Up Lines:

Are you a golden snitch? Because you’re by far the greatest catch here.

Do you believe in love at first sight—or should I walk by again?

Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?

Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.

Are you any good at boxing? Because you look like a knockout.

I had to remove my space bar so that I could get closer to you.

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I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see you twice.

There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it.

I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together.

Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you.

My parents always said I should follow my dreams. That’s why I started following you on Instagram.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the gift. I’ve been wearing this smile ever since you gave it to me.

I always thought happiness started with an ‘h,’ but it turns out mine starts with ‘u.’

I wish I’d paid more attention to science in high school because you and I’ve got chemistry, and I want to know all about it.

Are you an alien because it seems you just abducted my heart?

I must be psychic because I can see that we have a future together.

You must be made of copper and tellurium because you are so CuTe!

Are you a keyboard? Because you’re just my type.

You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all night.

You know, I had a pickup line ready to go, but you’re so hot it just left my mind.

Are you a magician? It’s the strangest thing, but everyone else disappears every time I look at you.

Did your license get suspended for driving all these guys crazy?

So, aside from taking my breath away, what do you do for a living?

Feel my shirt. Know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material.

Are you a time traveller? Cause I see you in my future!

On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?

Smooth IG Pick Up Lines:

Excuse me, I don’t mean to intrude, but you owe me a drink because when I saw you, I dropped mine.

You look like you know how to have a good time. Been on any adventures lately?

Do you have a name, or can I just call you ‘mine?’

Are you a charger? Because I’m dying without you!

Hey, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?

I believe in following my dreams. Can I have your Instagram?

Is it just the WiFi? Or am I totally feeling a connection?

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