25+ Best Construction Pick Up Lines

Contraction Pick up lines

In the construction industry, there are supprisingly many beautiful women and good looking guys.

Here is a collection of the funniest and best pick up lines to flirt with in a construction area or a person working at the same industry.

Construction Pick Up Lines:

Dam girl are you a construction worker? Because you’re raising my skyscraper.

Dam girl are you construction worker? Because you building our life together.

Danger! Erection in progress.

Do you want to hear a construction pick up line? I am still working on it.

Do you work in construction? Because you just build a tower in my pants

Everyone line up for a turn up the cherry-picker.

Girl are you a construction worker? Because you’d need ear protection when I’m drilling you.

Girl, do you work in construction? Because you know how to work my steel pipes.

Girl, I need to report illegal construction. Because you just built a residential unit in my pants.

Hey girl, are you a barrier constructed to hold back water? Because, DAM!

I hope you brought earplugs, because it’s time for the jackhammer.

I know you are not in construction. But you can use my wood anytime

I need to report for your building and safety violations. Because you are too hot for this construction site.

I’m gonna take out my hammer and nail myself to your heart

Is it just me or are there actual sparks between the two of us?.

Is that a skyscraper building or are you just pleased to see me?.

Is this building sprinklered? Because you are on fire.

Let’s take this relationship from concept to construction.

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Missing a stud? I got wood for you.

So how are we splitting the construction costs? Cause you just shattered the ceiling of beauty

Together we will build a high rise

Are you a construction worker? Because I want to build a world with you.

Are you a construction worker? Because your erecting my monument.

Are you in construction? Because I am an architect of love

Babe are you a construction site? Because I want to stuff your foundation with my creamy cement.

Babe do you work at a construction site? Because I foresee us building a relationship together.

Let’s work construction. I will hand you my wood and we could nail and screw.

Babe, looking to expand your house? Because I can construct additional unit into your private lands.

Babe, relationship is like construction. Some strong poles under you is all you need for strong foundation.

Babe, you cannot start construction yet. Our plans include a date and an all night meeting.

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