Top 10 Best Kenyan Patriotic Songs (2023 Update)

Patriotic songs in Kenya

What type of song is a patriotic song?

A patriotic song is a song with strong patriotic content to a country.

In Kenya, there are many songs that are made for Kenyans to appreciate and love our land even more and to open the eyes of citizens of how lucky they are to be part of the nation.

Here is a list of Kenyan Magazine’s top 10 best songs about Kenyan patriotism.

Some of the songs are very popular in the country and almost everybody knows or have hard about them.

With that being said, below is the list of Kenya’s best patriotic music.

Patriotic Songs In Kenya:

  1. “Daima Mkenya” by Eric Wainana
  2. “Tushangilie Kenya” by Thomas Wasonga
  3. “The National Anthem”
  4. “Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya” by Avril and Trapee
  5. “Kenya Nchi Yangu” by Kakai Kilonzo
  6. “Tawala Kenya” by various artists
  7. “Mungu Baba Twaomba” by Rufftone
  8. “My Land Is Kenya” by Roger Whittaker
  9. “Wakenya Pamoja for Peace” by various artists
  10. “Coming Home” by Nameless
  11. “Kenya Only” by Eric Wainaina
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