How To Fuliza: Here Is How To Instantly Get Fuliza M-PESA Loans


Have you been a Safaricom user for a while now?. If yes, then here is how to start getting Fuliza M-PESA Loans.

Fuliza Service by Safaricom is currently offering mobile loans to over 1.4 Million Safaricom Customers.

Fuliza Offers loans that can go up to Ksh. 70,000 depending on one’s Fuliza Loan Limit.

The continuous overdraft service by Safaricom which Kenyans refer to as Fuliza Loan or Fuliza MPESA is now the leading mobile loan lending service provider in Kenya.

In a nutshell, here is how Fuliza Works.

What is Fuliza loans and how does it work?

Fuliza loans (Fuliza M-PESA) is an overdraft facility for all M-Pesa users. The facility allows you to complete your M-Pesa transactions even when you have insufficient funds in your account.

Which means that you can still successfully proceed with your MPESA transaction such as sending money to another MPESA number, Paying for your bills, Buying goods and services even when you currently don’t have the money (insufficient balance) in your M-PESA account.

The Fuliza loan you receive will be deducted directly from your immediate MPESA deposit, which will be used to pay back your Fuliza Loan.

With that being said, how can you get a loan from Fuliza to continue transacting with an insufficient M-PESA balance.

Below is an easy step by step guide on how to join Fuliza and start using Fuliza M-PESA on your Safaricom line today.

Follow the easy steps below to start to Fuliza MPESA.

How To Fuliza:

How To Get Fuliza M-PESA Loan;

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  • Open the dialing pad on your phone
  • Using your Safaricom Line
  • Dial *234# and opt into Fuliza

Follow the prompt and you have successfully registered your Safaricom Line on getting Fuliza Loans.

Now every time you try transacting on MPESA with insufficient funds, you will receive a pop-up message asking you to continue with the transaction by receiving a Fuliza Loan instantly.

You can also join Fuliza MPESA by downloading and installing the MySafaricom App from Playstore or Apple store, for Android and iPhone users respectively.

Remember that before you can get access to Fuliza M-PESA, Safaricom typically requires you to;

Have an active Safaricom line

Be a registered M-PESA User

Be an active Safaricom customer for at least 6 months

Now that you have successfully joined the Fuliza M-PESA Program, you are now eligible for Fuliza services and loans of upto Ksh. 70,000.

This will be determined by your current Fuliza Loan Limit.

As a result, during your Fuliza Sign up, you will receive a confirmation SMS from Safaricom welcoming you to the program and letting you know how much is your current Fuliza limit.

Fuliza Interests and Services Fees:

Safaricom will charge you the standard M-Pesa transaction fees when you use Fuliza.

Other than that, Safaricom will also charge you maintenance and an access fee of 1% on your outstanding Fuliza balance.

Note that Safaricom reserves the right to change their Fuliza interest rates and services fee at any time.

That’s how any Safaricom Customers can register and start to Fuliza on their safcom line.

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