How To Check Your Fuliza Loan Limit and Easily Increase Your Limit 2023


Here is an easy guide on how you can check your Fuliza Loan Limit using your Safaricom line and tips on how to increase your Fuliza Loan Limit.

Fuliza By Safaricom is currently the leading Money Lending service in Kenya today.

Fuliza grew from 700,000 users to 1.4 Million users from early 2021 when the pandemic hit the country to March of 2022.

The number of Kenyans getting loans from Fuliza is going up each month.

Safaricom which offers other mobile money lending services such as M-Shwari has put some limits on how much one can borrow directly from Fuliza and get the money deposited into their M-Pesa account.

How Does Fuliza Work?

In an easy explanation, Fuliza is a loan service by Telecommunication company Safaricom.

How it works is that it enables you to use M-Pesa and make transactions even when you DON’T have enough money in your MPESA account.

Which means that you can buy goods and services, pay for your bills or send money to another number even with insufficient balance in your MPESA account.

But the amount of money you can transact using Fuliza depends on your Fuliza loan limit.

In this article we have provided you with a simple and easy way on how to check what your Fuliza limit is.

Use the following guide to know your Fuliza limit today.

How To Check Your Fuliza Limit:

  • Dial *234# on your Safaricom line
  • Select the ‘Fuliza M-Pesa’ option
  • Select the ‘Check My Limit’ option and Send

In a short time, you will receive a confirmation message from Safaricom with the exact amount of money you can transact on M-Pesa with insufficient MPESA balance.

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When you Fuliza, the amount you have used or your Fuliza loan in other words, will be deducted from your next M-Pesa immediate deposit.

How To Increase Your Fuliza Loan Limit:

Sometimes Safaricom may give you a very low Fuliza limit that may not be enough for your transactions.

Here is how to increase your loan limits.

Below is a proven solution that can increase your Safaricom Fuliza Loan Limit in a couple of days.

Safaricom is very keen on who and how they give out loans.

But here is a tip that should help you gain trust from Safaricom and hopefully get your Fuliza loan limit increase.

To increase your Fuliza Loan Limit, simply repay all your Fuliza loans in time.

Always pay back your loans on time including M-Shwari loans and your Fuliza loan limit will be increased.

Another tip to increase your loan limit is to be an active Fuliza user, keep borrowing and paying back in time. That’s the only way to increase your Fuliza Loan Limits.

Here are important things to know about Fuliza Loan.

Can I withdraw money from Fuliza? No, you can NOT withdraw funds from Fuliza M-Pesa.

You are not able to use Fuliza to withdraw money, because it is only available for transactions purposes only such as paying bills, sending money and buying goods and services.

According to Fuliza Safaricom, the earlier you repay your Fuliza loan the more you increase your Fuliza loan limits and you will be charged for not repaying your loans on time.

Which means that if you take a long time to repay back your Fuliza loan, you are risking getting your Loan Limit decreased.

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Are Fuliza transactions Free?
No, the normal M-Pesa transaction charges apply to all Fuliza Loans.

There you have it, that is how to check what your Fuliza loan limit is, and how to increase it.

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