Safaricom Okoa Stima: How To Get Free Electricity Using Okoa Stima

Okoa Stima

How can I get electricity tokens through the Safaricom Okoa Stima Program?.

Here is an easy way to get KPLC electricity tokens through Okoa Stima and pay for the token electricity bill later.

KPLC and Safaricom have made it easy for Kenyans to acquire an electricity token especially during emergency or when they do not have money to pay for KPLC Electricity.

What this means is that all KPLC customers can enjoy services such as, if they do not have money to pay for their electricity bills yet, and they get their electricity cut off, they can simply apply and get back KPLC electricity (Stima) without paying for it at the moment.

The Safaricom Okoa Stima program simply offers postpaid electricity program.

All you have to do to join the Okoa Stima program by safaricom is to simply register using your mobile phone by dialing *885#.

The Okoa stima limit is from KSh.100 to Ksh.1000 of electricity bill. This limit will highly depend on your mobile credit history.

With that said, here is how to register and join the Okoa Stima Program in Kenya today, step by step guide, and be able to Kopa Stima.

How To Register for Safaricom Okoa Stima Program:

To join the Okoa Stima Service, simply;

  • Dial *885# using your Safaricom Line
  • Enter your National ID Number
  • You will be required to set your new Secret PIN
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS to the number you provided
  • Select continue to register your meter or account, then click on Register New
  • Depending on your KPLC meter, choose whether it’s a Prepaid Meter or Postpaid Meter
  • Congratulations! You have now successfully registered and joined the Okoa Stima Service by Safaricom.
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Now you are eligible for a free electricity that you will repay when you have money.

Below is how to request for Okoa Stima Service after registering your meter or account.

Follow the easy steps provided below to get Okoa Stima on your meter and pay later when you have enough money to repay.

How To Okoa Stima:

  • Dial *885# from your Safaricom Line
  • Enter your Service PIN (Secret PIN)
  • Select your account type to continue. (Pre-Paid or Post Paid)
  • Select the Okoa Stima option
  • Select Get Okoa Loan
  • Select the meter number you want to receive the Okoa Stima Loan for
  • Enter the loan Amount
  • Confirm your request and you are all done, you have successfully Kopa Stima.

The token or meter selected will receive KPLC Electricity in a few minutes.

Below is how to pay back your Okoa Stima Loan once you have already used the electricity and you can now afford to repay your loan.

How To Repay your Okoa Stima Loan for Pre-pay:

  • Dial *885# on your Safaricom Line
  • Enter your PIN or Secret PIN
  • Select prepaid
  • Select Okoa Stima
  • Choose the Reply Okoa Stima option
  • You will be asked to choose either full payment or half (partial payment) payment, depending on your Okoa Stima loan

The amount will be automatically deducted from your MPESA account but if you chose partial payment, you will receive an SMS with your balance and decide the amount of money your want to repay.

How To Repay your Okoa Stima Loan for Postpaid:

  • Dial *885# on your safaricom line
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select the Post Paid option
  • Select the account and the bill will be displayed on your screen and you can make your payments.
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How to Pay KPLC Prepaid Token via M-pesa:

To buy KPLC token in Kenya via M-pesa.

Kenya Power (KPLC) Prepaid M-PESA Paybill Number is – 888880

Open MPESA Menu

Select  “Lipa na M-PESA“ on the menu

Select the “Pay Bill“ option

Select the “Enter Business no“ option

Enter the KPLC PayBill Number – 888880

Select the “Enter Account no“ option

Enter your KPLC Prepaid Meter Number and press OK

Enter the Amount you want to pay KPLC. This should be on a maximum of Ksh. 35,000

Enter your M-PESA PIN press OK

Confirm if all the details you provided are correct and press OK

Use the Hakikisha pop-up to ensure everything is correct before proceeding.

You will receive a confirmation SMS from Safaricom M-PESA shortly.

In a couple of minutes, KPLC will generate a prepaid token valid for your meter and send it to you via SMS.


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