Top 10 Most Rare Squishmallow In The World 2023

Rare squishmallows

What is the rarest squishmallow in the world? These are the top 10 list of the rarest Squishmallow today.

Since 2017, Squishmallow have taken over the toys world. They can easily be distinguished from the other toys because of their super soft plush attribute.

Squish mallows are nowadays considered the softest, cuddliest and most huggable plush toys out there.

If you are a fan of Squishmallow then you probably know that hundreds of characters have been produced and most of then are very popular.

But still, there are characters of the beautiful toys Squishmallow that are very rare in the market and only a very few number of people have actually bought them.

Here is the list of Kenyan Magazine’s top 10 most rare Squishmallow listed in no particular order.

What’s The Rarest Squishmallow Today?.

  1. Blossom the Sheep Squishmallow
  2. Pandora the Pegasus
  3. Fania the Purple Owl
  4. Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow
  5. Stacy the Squid
  6. Philippe the Frog
  7. Avery the Duck Squishmallow
  8. Brigita the Snow Leopard
  9. Santino the Platypus Squish mallow
  10. Mariah the Lamb

Cam the Calico Cat was the first Squishmallow ever released (2017) and is among the most popular and affordable squish mallows toys.

On the other hand, Jack the Black Cat, with only 500 made makes it the top rarest Squishmallow ever made.

Axolotl Archie is at the top list as the most sold Squishmallow in the world.

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