15+ Best Pilot Pick Up Lines

Pilot Pick up lines

15+ Best Pilot Pick Up Lines

Pilots fly ✈ high… So pilot pick up lines are equally highly effective when used correctly.

If you are looking for the best pick up lines about pilots a piloting.

Below is the list of the greatest and the best pilot pick up lines to use today.

They include dirty pilot pick up lines, cheesy pilot pick up lines, funny pilot pick up lines among other pick up lines.

When traveling on a plane, these are some of the best pilot and flight pick up lines you can use on a cutie you spotted at the airport or something.

Pilot Pick Up Lines:

Hey beautiful, you look plane sexy.

If you become my pilot, I’ll let you pull the stick.

May I have clearance to ask you out on a date?.

You’ve made me lose control and I’m crashing down on you.

You don’t have to worry about bumpy rides. I’ll make it smooth all way.

I bet I need a sophisticated navigation system to navigate myself to your heart.

I called to check if your runway is ready for landing.

Would you be comfortable if you layover at my place before I send you home?

I never expected to find angels at this altitude. 

I experienced turbulence in my heart when I saw you.

You must have descended from heaven and then to my heart. 

What qualifications do I need to be your frequent flyer member?

We should depart from here and have a soft landing on my bed.

Will you join me for dinner in the mile high club?

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Baby do you want to become a pilot? Because I can teach you how to push all the right buttons.

Babe, you have hijacked my heart

These are some of the best pilot, plane, aircraft and flight pick up lines.

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