30+ Best Dentist Pick Up Lines

Dentist pick up lines

In this article, with the help of pick up line stars, dating experts and real life couples, we have listed down the best 30 and more Dentist pick up lines.

They include sweet dentist pick up lines, cheesy dentists pick up lines & dirty dentists pick up lines.

Below is the list of more than 30 Dentists Pick up lines to flirt with using them from our list from this article.

Dentist Pick Up Lines:

Well, you can call me a dentist cause I can drill and fill you.

I have some skittles in my mouth, just incase you want to taste the rainbow?

Your dad must be a dentist, you have such a beautiful smile.

I hope you’re ready for me to probe your gaps.

I can see you’ve got a sweet tooth, no wonder you’re so into me.

Do you mind if I melt in your mouth.

Sometimes I wish you were my teeth so I can grind you in my sleep

I could really use a mouth to mouth I’m drowning in the depths of your eyes.

Open wide… no not your mouth.

You should smile, your teeth should breathe as well.

Can you stick your tongue out a little further for me.

You don’t have to undress me with your eyes hunny, go on, use your teeth.

Please can you suck on this for just a second.

Good news, I lost some teeth today this means I have more room for your tongue in my mouth.

Wanna know what has 148 teeth and can hold back the incredible hulk? My zipper 

I wouldn’t mind you having me in between teeth.

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I guess I’ll call you a dentist, cause I can’t smile without you.

Your teeth are so pretty are you a dentist.

You’re so sweet, looking at you gave me a toothache

Your gum looks quite sensitive, do you mind if I stab them with a prison shank.

They say s*t contains calcium and zinc which prevent tooth decay, come down this mouthwash sweetie.

Your enamel isn’t the only thing that’s hard.

I bet you floss regularly look at those pretty teeth.

I’m going to drill you so hard, you’ll be sore for weeks

You must be a dentist because you make my mouth feel better.

You are so sweet, I think I’m having cavities.

I hope you don’t mind getting drilled.

I’m the only dentist who can drill you without you bleeding (insert wink)

Hey girl, it seems you have a hole that needs some drilling.

Hey girl, do you mind lying back? I’d love to fill your cavities.

Hey girl want to know what kind of polishing disc you’d be? A superfine one

If you were a tooth you’d be the upper left lateral incisor.

I shall now proceed to punch you in the mouth, with my mouth cause I really like you.

Do you mind if I melt in your mouth.

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