Top 15 Most Expensive Bicycles In The World and Their Prices 2022

Expensive Bicycles In The World

What’s the most expensive Bicycle in the world?.

Here is the list of the 15 world’s most expense bicycles and their prices in United States Dollars (USD).

These expensive bicycles include, the most expensive maintain bikes, luxurious bicycles that are made of or plated with high quality gold (24k), silver and diamond.

Bicycles are truly one of the most loved and preferred means of transportation, exercising, decreasing stress levels among other benefits of cycling.

Health wise, cycling can help you prevent certain diseases, strengthen your bones, improves your coordination and posture, decreases stress levels and effectively burn and reduce body fats.

With all these amazing benefits of cycling, there are thousands of people out there who are willing to spend millions of money to buy a brand new, improved, advanced and luxurious bicycles.

If you have ever wondered what are the world’s most expensive bikes, in this article, we have listed the top 15 most expensive bikes in the world.

24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike is currently the most expensive bicycle in the world, the bike was made in the USA by Surly Bikes, it is followed by Trek Butterfly Madone bicycle.

Below are the best bicycles that are holding the top 15 position worldwide, when it comes to the buying price.

Most Expensive Bicycles In The World:

1. 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike

The world’s most expensive bike is the 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike.

The bike was made by a popular bike brand known as Surly Bikes.

The bicycle is gold-plated with pure 24k gold and It has a gold-plated water bottle, and black diamond.

Made in: USA

Specification: made of 24k Gold and 600 Black Diamonds

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Bicycle Price: $1 Million

2. Trek Butterfly Madone

Trek Butterfly Madone

The second most expensive bike in the world is the Trek Butterfly Madone.

The bicycle was made by an American brand Trek Bicycle in France back in 2009.

Made in: France

Specification: Real butterfly wings on the bike’s concrete frame and the rims.

Bicycle Price: $500,000

3. Trek Yoshimoto Nara

Trek Yoshimoto Nara is not only the third most expensive bike but the bicycle is among the most popular bikes today.

The bicycle was made by a USA brand called Trek Bicycle in America.

Country: United States

Specification: A beautiful cartoon theme of kids in boxing gloves, flying UFOs, and a Livestrong well designed logo.

Bicycle Price: $200,000

4. Kaws-Trek Madone

At the fourth place as the world’s most expensive bicycle is Kaws-Trek Madone.

Just like the 2nd and the 3rd most expensive bikes, this bicycle was also created by the same bicycle brand, Trek Bicycle.

Country: United States

Specification: Kaws’ signature, a chomper teeth design on the bicycle’s frame as well as the wheel rims.

Bicycle Price: $160,000

5. Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bicycle

Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bicycle is currently the fifth most expensive bike in the world.

The grips are made of high quality leather and it has gold-plated frame, wheels & spokes.

The bicycle was made by an Austria brand known as Swarovski.

Made in: French Company Auramania

Specification: Amazing handmade 24 karat gold plated, and well decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Bicycle Price: $114,000

6. Trek Madone 7-Diamond

Trek Madone 7-Diamond bike takes the sixth place when it comes to the most expensive bikes in the world today.

The bike was made in New York by Trek Bicycle in the year 2005.

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Made in: New York

Specification: Spoke patterns with stunning diamonds on it.

Bicycle Price: $75,000

7. Rare Tiffany & Co. Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike

The women’s bike Rare Tiffany & Co. Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike has a height of 4ft 2inch (106.7cm) and the length is 5ft 3 inch (160cm) all made of silver.

Made in: USA

Specification: A Silver, Gold and Diamonds made bike.

Bicycle Price: $70,000

8. Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

Made by a Canadian bike brand by the name Cervelo, Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike is among the top 10 most expensive bicycle ever.

Made in: America

Specification: CH motif plugs, well designed leather seat, silver cross, and an excellent artwork finishing.

Bicycle Price: $60,000

9. Montante Luxury Gold Collection

Montante Luxury Gold Collection which is a women’s bike also was designed and made by Montante Luxury Gold Collection.

Specification: World-class leather saddle, traditional dynamo, road brakes and gold plated metals.

Bicycle Price: $46,000

10. eRockit Electric Assist Bicycle

eRockit Electric Assist Bicycle

This bike is also known as the human-hybrid machine, this is because your pedaling effort charges the bike’s motor and the battery.

Which technically means that the faster you can pedal the quicker the bike will go.

The brand that made this amazing bicycle is known as eRockit, a German bike brand.

Country: Germany

Specification: The outstanding bike has no separate handle or acceleration pedal as a motorcycle, but the bike can run in a really high speed.

Bicycle Price: $44,000

11. Litespeed Blade

Litespeed Blade

Made by Litespeed Blade, this is the world’s eleventh most expensive bicycle to ever exist.

Specification: A Massive tube, and knife-edged backbone on the well designed & advanced bicycle.

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Bicycle Price: $40,000

12. Factor Aston Martin One – 77

Made with advanced technology and the latest features, the Factor Aston Martin One – 77 is currently the 12th most expensive bike in the world.

The bike was made in United Kingdom by a brand known as Factor in 2013.

Specification: Carbon fiber frame, carbon fiber wheelset, advanced computer system, impressive sensors, track speed, crank position sensor, GPS, speed sensor and a new and improved heart rate sensors.

Bicycle Price: $39,000

13. Phanuel Krencker’s Bicyclettes de Luxe

Phanuel Krencker’s Bicyclettes de Luxe is in the 13th world’s most expensive bicycle this year, the bike was made by a brand that shares the name as the bike.

Specification: Good-looking, Custom parts and a frame made by Cyfac.

Bicycle Price: $34,000

14. KGS Tier 3 Custom Bike

Made in the United States by KGS, KGS Tier 3 Custom Bike is at the fourteenth position as the most expensive bike in the world today.

Made in: USA

Specification: Made of Gold, Metal and Silver.

Bicycle Price: $32,000

15. Beru Factor 001

Currently holding the 15th place is the all advanced bicycle Beru Factor 001.

It was created in 2016 in the UK by a brand called Factor.

The bike has advanced features such as touch screens among other features the bicycle is equipped with.

Made in: UK

Specification: Carbon fiber monocoque, Carbon-ceramic Brakes.

Bicycle Price: $30,000

To ensure that you consume the latest content, we will keep ranking and repositioning the most expensive bicycles in the world as new ones are made and as others increase and decrease in prices, this means that this article is regularly updated.

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