20 Signs She’s A ‘Wife Material’ (Don’t Lose Her)

Signs of wife material

How to know if your beautiful girlfriend is a wife material.

There are certain qualities that come with a woman who qualifies to be called a wife material.

What is wifey material?

When a woman is wifey material, she possesses a set of traits and characteristics that would make her a great wife.

A woman may be perfect dating material, but if you’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, it requires a whole different set of traits beyond having a great time together.

Furthermore, when looking into the signs if she is wifey material, it is also important to consider the qualities of a good wife, which includes the following;

Good Wife Qualities:

  • Respectful and caring
  • A kind and loving personality
  • Future oriented woman
  • Respects herself as a lady
  • Financial management skills
  • Positive person
  • A woman with big dreams
  • Ready to do anything for you/family
  • Acts her age
  • Someone with values in common with you

Other than that, there are signs that you need to look out for to know if the girl you are dating is a wife martial and you should definitely marry her in the near future.

Here is the list of a signs of a good wife and a woman who you can marry and enjoy the rest of your life together rasing your beautiful family.

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Wifey Material:

  1. She pushes you to better yourself and step outside your comfort zone
  2. You can cry in front of her and you know she won’t think less of you
  3. She gets along with your mom
  4. She cares about your dreams
  5. She gives you second chances
  6. She makes you feel like a man
  7. She has motherly instincts and kindness
  8. She is independent
  9. She is kind to your friends
  10. You simply can’t imagine your future without her
  11. She made your life easier and made you happier when you started taking things seriously
  12. Almost all your morals and values align
  13. She’s literally your best friend
  14. She loves you for you
  15. She’s thankful and appreciative
  16. She’s there for you during the ups and downs
  17. She knows when to give you space
  18. She respects you as a man
  19. She is selfless
  20. She’s very considerate
  21. She allows you to make your own decisions 
  22. You are deeply in love with her
  23. She is the most beautiful woman you’ve ever set eyes on
  24. You feel in your gut that she’s the one 
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