25 Accurate Signs Of A Fake Girlfriend (Fake Relationship)

Fake girlfriend in relationship

How can you tell if you are in a fake romantic relationship with your girlfriend?.

We can all agree that there’s literally nothing more beautiful than a healthy and happy relationship between two partners who deeply love each other.

But especially in this generation, not all couples are in real relationships, where true love is reciprocated back and forth.

Some relationships are based on materialistic things, one sided benefits and fake love.

When you are in love as a man, it can get extremely hard to figure out if the girl you are dating and you are deeply in love with is truly, genuinely in love with you too.

Women can fake a lot of things, and love and relationship is one of them.

True love can be faked by a woman in a relationship for a very long time.

Find out today if your female partner is pretending to be in the relationship with you but doesn’t necessarily care about you and your emotions.

Here are signs to always look out for to know if you are in a fake relationship.

These are the ways to tell if you have a fake girlfriend or wife.

How To Know If You Are In A Fake Relationship With Your Girl:

  1. There is no compromise in your relationship, and both of you can clearly see it
  2. She is emotionally distant in the relationship
  3. Your friends can see that she’s not interested in you like she used to
  4. She doesn’t like to talk when the two of you are together, she’d rather use her phone or watch something but just don’t initiate a normal conversation
  5. She avoids conflict with you even when she’s wrong or you are wrong, which means she doesn’t care
  6. She doesn’t attempt to reach you outside of dates
  7. There is no romance in your relationship
  8. She is never curious about how you are doing
  9. She avoids discussing the future (you are not included in her future plans)
  10. She is very aloof about everything
  11. She makes you feel uncomfortable most of the time, even around people, friends or in the public
  12. She is indifferent to everything
  13. She benefits more in the relationship compared to you
  14. Neither of you makes sacrifices for the relationship… But at least you try harder than her
  15. You feel like you can’t be vulnerable with her
  16. She doesn’t care about your day or try to talk about how you have been
  17. It doesn’t affect her if you don’t go for dates or places together
  18. She hasn’t introduced you to her close friends or family
  19. Her friends show signs of her just using you
  20. You don’t introduce her to family and friends
  21. You have a negative feeling about the relationship between you and her
  22. She asks you for a lot of things such as extra money and other stuff
  23. You can feel it in your heart that she doesn’t like you like you like her
  24. You most certainly do not see a future with her
  25. She doesn’t act, dress or behave like a woman who is in a serious relationship
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