15 Ways To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Hiding Something On Her Phone

Signs she's hiding something on her phone

If you think she’s hiding something on her phone and she’s trying her level best to keep you from finding out.

Here are 15 accurate signs that your female partner is obviously hiding something from you.

Is my girlfriend hiding a secret in her phone?.

To help answer this question, we have accepted true testimonials from couples who have actually been in the same situation and with the help of relationship experts.

We have listed below the most accurate and signs to look out for to be able to tell if your girlfriend or wife is hiding something suspicious from you on her smartphone.

Signs She’s Hiding Something On Her Phone:

  1. She doesn’t use her phone around you and you can easily notice
  2. When she always leaves her phone facing down every time
  3. She is very secretive about whom she is chatting or talking with on her phone
  4. She keeps turning her phone off whenever you are around and especially at night
  5. She saves her contacts using fake names or weird names
  6. It becomes an issue when you try to ask her for her phone password
  7. You can literally feel it in your heart that something is not right
  8. By any chance you ask for her phone, she refuses to hand over her cell phone to you
  9. She’s overly protective of her phone
  10. If she noticed that you might know her password, she keeps on changing it to a new one way more often
  11. She regularly deletes her WhatsApp messages, Text Messages and her call logs
  12. She turns off the notifications on her device or keep her phone on DND when she’s around you
  13. She doesn’t answer certain calls around you
  14. She answers her phone while walking out on you or goes outside just to answer the phone
  15. She doesn’t care when you spend a lot of time on your phone
  16. She’s always using her phone and puts it back immediately you walk in the room
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