Richest Pastors In Uganda and Their Net Worth (2024 Top List)

Richest Pastors In Uganda

Who is the Richest Pastor in Uganda?.

Here is the list of all the top richest pastors in Uganda this year.

Men of God who are commonly referred to as Pastors are among the wealthiest people in Uganda.

Uganda has quite a number of very successful Pastors who are able to spread the word of God to thousands of Ugandans if not millions every Sundays.

Remember that not everyone calling themselves a Pastor aka A Man Of God are actually Pastors, there are people who are pretending to be men of God in Uganda just to make money.

You should be careful about who you call your Pastor, there are legitimate Pastors and fake Pastors in UG.

But in this article, we have listed only the legit Ugandan Pastors who generate millions from preaching the gospel.

If you want to know who are the wealthiest Pastors in Uganda.

Below is a list of the top wealthiest Ugandan Pastors this year.

As of this year, the Richest Pastor in Uganda is currently Samuel Kakande, followed by Joseph Sserwadda who takes the second position as the wealthiest man of God in Uganda.

Richest Pastors In Uganda:

1. Pastor Samuel Kakande

The wealthiest Pastor in Uganda this year is Pastor Samuel Kakande, he has an estimated Net Worth of 920 Million.

2. Pastor Joseph Sserwadda

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda is currently the 2nd wealthiest Pastor in UG. Pastor Joseph has an estimated Net Worth of around 840 Million.

3. Pastor Robert Kayanja

The third richest man of God in Uganda is Pastor Robert who has an estimated Net Worth of 739 Million.

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4. Pastor Aloysious Bujingo

In Uganda, the Pastor who holds the fourth position as the richest pastor is Aloysious Bujingo, with an estimated Net Worth of 226 Million.

5. Priest Gary Skinner

Gary Skinner is currently the 5th richest Pastor in UG with an estimated Net Worth of about 145 Million.

6. Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Prophet Elvis Mbonye has taken the sixth place as the wealthiest Pastor in Uganda this year. His Net Worth is 86 Million (estimated).

7. Pastor Jackson Senyonga

Uganda has Pastor Jackson Senyonga as the seventh richest man of God in the country with an estimated Net Worth of 55 Million.

8. Pastor Imelda Namutebi

Pastor Imelda Namutebi has an estimated Net Worth of 50 Million, which makes Pastor Imelda the eighth wealthiest Pastor in Uganda.

9. Pastor Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi

The 9th richest Pastor in Uganda is Pastor Isaac Kyobe who has an estimated Net Worth of 45 Million.

10. Pastor Augustine Viga

The tenth wealthiest Pastor in Uganda is Pastor Augustine Viga, who has an estimated Net Worth of 40 Million.

Those are the top 10 wealthiest pastors in Uganda as of this year.

To keep this list of the top richest Pastors in Uganda up to date, we will keep updating the article to ensure you consume the latest content.

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