20 Accurate Signs A Co-worker Is Falling In Love With You

Signs your workmate likes you

A research done a couple of years ago found that a very large percentage of coworkers end up in a romantic relationship.

This means that there is a very high chance that a workmate might be developing romantic feelings for you and maybe you are too.

So that you don’t live in the unknown zone, these 20 sure signs will help you find out if your workmate has feelings for you.

To know if your coworker is secretly in love with you and does not want to show it or make it so obvious.

These obvious signs will help you figure out today if your coworker likes you more than just a friend or a workmate.

Sure Signs Your Workmate Loves You:

  1. They are always on your side if things go south at work
  2. They feel bad when your shift ends and you have to leave them behind
  3. They only have eyes for you
  4. When you are talking or pointing out a certain point, they are always carefully listening
  5. They remember the silliest and simple things you have ever told them
  6. They ask you a lot of personal questions including your relationship and family
  7. Whenever they have a chance, they find a way of working together with you and you can tell they enjoy your company
  8. Most of the time during breaks from work, they spend time near you
  9. They tell you personal and deep stuff about themselves
  10. They tell you a secret and want you to promise not to share them with anyone
  11. They act nervous around you
  12. They always have a reason of touching you and sometimes pretending to be an accidental touch
  13. Their body language around you and around other coworkers is alarming
  14. They invite you in their office or a private room where there’s just the two of you
  15. They ask you for small favors that you literally can’t say no to
  16. They give you a work nickname
  17. They text you or call you to talk about things that don’t involve work
  18. They straight up tell you that they like you
  19. They follow your social media accounts such as Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook
  20. They are like your best friend at work and other people including your actual friends can notice
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