15 Signs She Currently Has Someone Else In Her Life

Signs She Has Someone Else

How do you know if your woman has someone else in her life apart from you?.

It can be very difficult to know if a girl is having someone else apart from you especially if she’s trying her best to hide it from you.

But there are certain characters that she can protry that can tell you if she’s seeing a different person.

These 15 accurate signs will tell you if she is seeing someone else behind your back.

With that being said, here is how to know if your girl has someone else.

Signs She Has Someone Else:

  1. She spends a little too much time on her phone
  2. She is acting differently
  3. She is doing more favors for you
  4. She smiles at random moments
  5. She doesn’t want to get physical anymore
  6. She suddenly has a lot more outdoor errands to run
  7. She is talking a lot about the person she told you not to worry about
  8. She has a work spouse and insists it’s nothing
  9. She has stopped putting effort into the relationship
  10. She has mentally checked out of the relationship if she has feelings for someone else
  11. She is talking about the future but in the short term
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