10 Signs She is Just Pretending To Love You

10 Signs She is Just Pretending To Love You

Signs that will truly let you know if your girl is simply PRETENDING that she has feelings for you, but deep down she isn’t really interested in the relationship you two have.

We know and understand that people have different ways of showing or expressing their love to their partners, but if she has the following signs, bro, you might need to think twice about it.

You should not let any woman, use your pure and genuine feelings like it’s nothing.

You deserve a lady that is ready to love and adore you for who you are, as a result, we have listed below the 10 signs a lady is just pretending to love you, but really does not.

Here are the 10 signs she is pretending to love you.

10 signs she is pretending to love you:

  1. She’s Not Helpful

If she isn’t helpful, what is the point of her calling herself, your girlfriend, wife or your lover.

A lady you are in a relationship with should always be helpful, whenever you need to get assisted in literally anything, she should always be there to do so, it simply means she cares.

But if she gives excuses, there’s a problem.

  1. She’s Not Committed

Being committed to someone means you truly and genuinely love that person, but if you are not committed, it simply means you don’t really want to be with them.

A true lover will always be committed to you, and if your girl is not committed, there might be a very high chance, she is just pretending to love you.

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  1. She says it’s over every time you have a little fight

Relationships can get hard, and no one is perfect, you know. So when two people decide to be in a romantic relationship, they both are to fight whatever obstacles that may come along.

If she is not willing to fight for you, it means she’s pretending to love you, every single time you guys get into an argument, be keen enough to notice if she doesn’t hesitate to say “it’s over”.

Although she might actually be that angry, if she always alters those words, she isn’t really scared to lose you, maybe she just wants to keep you because she is benefiting from the relationship.

  1. She’s Always Unsatisfied

One thing most guys don’t realize is that a girl is more unsatisfied with whatever you are doing, if she isn’t really into you.

So always think and keep the record of the times that she’s always acting unsatisfied.

Sometimes, not always, but sometimes when a girl is not satisfied with whatever you offer, it basically means someone else is doing a better job than you.

  1. She Doesn’t Show Concern

Did you just win a game? Does she look likes she is happy for you?

Did you just achieve one of your goals or dreams? What does she think about it?

Always ask yourself these questions when you think she’s is pretending to love you.

If she really did love you, she should be your biggest supporter at all times.

  1. Money Attracts Her

When you are about to spoil her or she needs money from you, that’s when she is close to you, sad but true.

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That’s a huge sign that she is pretending to be in love with you, but she really doesn’t, she is just doing it for the money.

  1. Never Accepts Defeat

By this, I mean that she never wants to be the bad guy in any situation, even though it’s clearly her fault or her mistake.

If she’s always trying to fight you, she is not good for you, that is actually toxic, relationships are supposed to be fun.

Another thing is that if she has never apologized, or said she was sorry or even accepting her mistakes, that’s another sign she is pretending to love you.

So If you find yourself always apologizing for things you have not even done, that’s a clear sign right there.

  1. She’s Over Controlling

You are the man of the house and the lady of the house should learn to respect you, as much as you should respect her too, because she is your partner.

But if you find yourself in a relationship where you are being controlled, you should not take that lightly.

The girl might be over controlling because she knows you are into her so much you will simply do what she says, she is using you because you love her, genuinely.

  1. You are Feeling It In Your Heart

Another sign that a girl is pretending to love you is that you might be feeling it in your heart, that she is not genuine.

If you are unsure with your woman’s intention towards your relationship, you can simply put her on a test, if she fails, you were right.

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Your instincts are always right, don’t wait until you are in a messy situation, just to get to know you girl’s true colors.

If she sticks with you in difficult times, she’s the one, but if she has been the one who gives plenty of excuses when you are in a difficult situation, that’s a sign of a pretending girl.

  1. She Never Calls or Text First

Unless you text or call her first, you guys can go days without talking, and you know communication is the key to a successful relationship.

If she never seems to text or call you first, maybe she’s just not that interested in you, unless she has too much pride, to text first.

There’s a saying that goes, “don’t be the first to start a conversation, and see who really wants to talk to you”

And a woman you call yours, should always want to talk to you, every single girl would love to talk to a guy they love, that’s just how girls are. Always remember that.

Those are the 10 signs she’s pretending to love you.

Again, as we said earlier, different people (women) have different ways of expressing their emotions and feelings towards their partners, so it’s a very important thing for you to know, learn and understand your partner before you can judge her.

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