35+ Best Superhero Pick Up Lines

Superhero Pick up lines

You can be her superhero depending on how you approach her and how unique your pick up line is, and you are in the right place.

If you are wondering what are the best Superhero pick up lines?.

In this article, we have listed down the best Superhero pick up lines to use on your boyfriend/girlfriend today.

These Superhero pick up lines include funny Superhero pick up lines, cheesy pick up lines, dirty pick-up lines and other related smooth Superhero pick up lines.

You can use these pick up lines as a conversation starter to start a long conversation with your crush.

Enjoy the best Superhero pick up lines below, select your favorite and use them anytime.

With that being said, here are the best Superhero pick up lines to flirt with today.

Superhero Pick Up Lines:

You need to come closer to confirm the reason why I’m called the Man of Steel.

Hey…. I am Superman. Do you want to go round the world with me?

The only war I fight is my love for you. Yet I am named War Machine.

I am thinking of Slytherin next to you in bed.

I have other hammers besides Mjolnir.

You’ll be Thor by tomorrow if I do you as hard as I want to.

There are a lot of things I can do with my tongue. Do you want to see?

If you come to my crib tonight, you will be surprised to find out that I totally have no weakness.

Being around you makes my knees weak. Are you made of Kryptonite.

If I hold you, you’ll become invulnerable. Do you want to confirm?

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I can take you higher than you imagine. I once lifted a whole rocket into orbit, you know.

Can you hold your breath for 30 minutes, just like me?.

Do you want to find out why they say I’m faster than a speeding bullet?

I really wish I had the power to look as good as you.

Your a*s is my weakness, not Kryptonite.

As long as I keep something really close, my aura can make it invulnerable.

I’ll show you where I keep my wallet if we go back to your place.

You look extremely hot; it’s a good thing though that I have freeze breath.

We have to get rid of your clothes immediately; they seem to be made of Kryptonite.

I’ve been to the surface of the sun, but it’s nothing compared to what I felt when I first saw you.

Do you want to take a ride with me? I mean, we can be anywhere in the planet 20 seconds from now.

Together we can conquer our world.

The suit comes off, as it happens.

Hello, Pleasure to meet you. I’m Batman.

Even though I’m blind, my brailles skills tell ne you have some fine humps.

I don’t think you’ve ever hooked with a god.

They call me Iron Man, and my metal suit is not the only reason why.

I can literally be a beast in bed if you put me in the right mood.

I’m only quick on my feet sweetheart, don’t worry.

I have a strong urge to get my flame on, if you don’t mind heat.

The way my spidey senses are tingling south, you must be a bad girl.

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I am sure you do not know what I can do with ben-wa and my magnetism powers.

Babe, do you know how much your Wonder Twins are activating that sweater?.

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