7 Signs You Are In A Strong Relationship With Your Partner

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7 Signs You Are In A Strong Relationship With Your Partner

As the world and the people keeping aging, technology taking over and people’s lifestyle changing too, this also affects how people view love and relationships compared to several decades ago as of right now.

Nowadays everything you want can be easily accessed online. Want a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Simple, you download an app, fill in the required details and wait for love to come your way. But is this love genuine?

If you are reading this, you are most probably in a relationship. In most cases it takes years of patience and perseverance to grow a trust worthy relationship.

Trust is not easily earned, you need to work for it, just because your partner says they trust you, doesn’t necessarily mean they actually do, but if you are lucky enough to WIN your partner’s trust, don’t even try to take the risk of losing it. It’s gonna be close to impossible for you, to rebuild the trust to how it was before.

So, if you are in a relationship, which you believe is good for you and you are thinking that can/will marry your partner in the future. What elements shows that your relationship is strong?

To keep your mind at ease so that you can make better decisions in your love life, here are 7 Signs You Are In A Strong Relationship With Your Partner.

Here’s how to know if your bond is unbreakable.

Signs Of A Strong Relationship:

1: You Miss Your Partner

Missing someone is an indication of the love you have for that person.

People are bound to miss the people who they really love and appreciate in their life.
When you keep missing someone when they are not around, no matter how much time you guys have already spent together before they left, that is definitely a good sign that you are in a strong relationship.

No matter where you are, in class, in a meeting, in the office, at your work place, driving or doing anything that might make you forget about your partner for a while, if you keep having some small random thoughts of your partner, then your relationship is ready to conquer obstacles.

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As a result of missing, it will be such a sweet thing to always tell your partner, when you miss them.

2: Your Trust Level Is High

When your trust level for your partner is high. This means that you have no trust issues with your partner. Trusting someone is NOT as easy as it might seem, but when you feel like you truly trust your partner, that’s a good sign of an unbreakable relationship.

One of the most common issues that lead to break-ups and divorces is having trust issues and insecurities in a relationship. Those two can kill a relationship in a millisecond.

Trust is the key to a successful relationship, especially if you are in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships are hard to handle, because insecurities are more compared to others types of relationships. But you can fix that by not always assuming the worst out of your partner. For example, when you text them and they do not reply in time, don’t get so heated up about a late reply and start arguing, put yourself in their shoes and see if you would actually want to argue if that was you on the other side.

A strong bond between two people in a relationship can be measured in how secure and confident the partners are to each other. So if you and your partner have less, trust issues and insecurities, that’s the right person for you.

3: Both Of You Love To Try Out New Things Together

The world is full of undiscovered misery, and if you only want to know and learn new things, plus try out extremely new things together with your partner, that’s a huge sign that the relationship is strong.

The time you and your partner started dating, and the current time you are in right now is completely different With time, things change, life happens, people change and there’s no better way to experience this new things than with the person you are in love with romantically.

If you always want to travel the world with your partner, try out new foods in restaurants with your partner, go shopping and house hunting with your partner, that’s an indication that you can’t get enough of your partner, and that’s an amazing thing in a relationship. The bond is unbreakable.

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Going on tours and adventures with your partner can say a lot about your relationship. Cherishing every moment you are together is the best thing in a relationship. Remember, collect memories together not fights.

4: Your Sense Of Humor Is On Another Level With Your Partner

Do you find yourself laughing at stupid and silly things especially when you and your partner are together? Are you always happy and laughing when you go on dates or hangout? Because sharing the same sense of humor with your partner only indicates how strong that relationship is and how confident you are with each other.

Note this, if you and your partner can basically walk in a crowded room, (party, hotel or a bar), then you spot something funny in the room, before bursting into a laugh, you look at your partner to see if they have also noticed it, just to find out they were also waiting for your reaction, and both of you can’t hold it in anymore and you burst into laughter. THAT’S THE ONE RIGHT THERE, TRUST ME!

5: You Are Able To Deal With Tough Times

It’s not always all fun and games. This is real life.

There’s always going to be a chapter in your relationship where everything is not okay, it’s natural, every relationship has faced this kind of problems, but only the strongest ones have actually saved their relationship, through this tough times.

No relationship is smooth, don’t let anybody lie to you, people have big problems in their relationships, but the only reason they are still going is because they see the future, not what’s happening now, they use the tough times in the relationship to build up a more stronger relationship.

It’s NOT easy to handle relationship problems, but if you guys can try your best to get through it, don’t take that relationship lightly. It is purposed for greatness.

6: Both Of You Genuinely Care About Your Partner’s Well Being

For a relationship to last long, their must be some sort of ” belief ” and support for your partner. If your are always pushing your partner to archive their dreams, or if your partner is always pushing you to chase your dreams, you are in the right place. Don’t even think twice about it.

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There’s no better thing in life than a partner who supports you unconditionally. A partner who believes in your craziest dreams in life. That’s the kind of person you should be willing to spend the rest of your life with.

A relationship is unbreakable if all you want to see is your partner succeed, all you want to see is them getting that job they’ve always wanted, starting that business they always dream about, getting accepted in that school they always talk about, getting a rise in their workplaces. All you want to see is them saying “I made it” and their dreams coming true. Then that’s a sign that your relationship is VERY strong and unbreakable.

7: Both Of You Are Investing In The Relationship

When both of you are equally investing in your relationship, chances of that relationship not succeeding are ZERO.

A relationship becomes unstoppable when both of you are willing to put the time and effort in building a strong and healthy relationship.

Investing in a relationship can also be inform of time, communication and caring for your partner. When both of you are giving the relationship your all, there’s literally nothing that can stop you.

The investment in a relationship is one of the easiest way to know if the relationship is strong. That’s a very huge sign that you are in a strong and future oriented relationship.

Wrapping up on 7 Signs You Are In A Strong Relationship With Your Partner

Having a partner you love and they love you the same way you do is one of the best things that can ever happen in your life. If you can spot some of these signs in your current relationship, you are in the right track relationship wise.

Do NOT play around and lose someone who was literally born for you. It’s not always going to be easy, so you have to learn how to fix issues not ignoring them. When life gets tough, get tougher.

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