20 Signs Your Partner Has You On Friendzone Relationship

Signs of a friend zone relationship

Here are the 20 signs that are you in a friend zone relationship with your partner.

It is no surprise that you might be in a Friend zone relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend where you think that you guys are dating but the reality is they take you as a friend, it has happened to many, you won’t be the first one.

Hanging out daily, texting, saying I love you and being romantically involved in a relationship doesn’t really mean that you are ACTUALLY in a romantic relationship.

For a dating relationship to exist, both parties, which is you and your partner need to be at the same page on where you are going with the relationship and what that relationship means to both of you.

If you happen to think that you might be friend zoned in your own relationship.

Here are accurate signs to know if you are locked in a friendship thinking you are dating the love of your life.

At the end of this article, you will be able to find the best relationship advice on how to escape the friend zone and start a serious relationship with your current partner today.

Accurate Signs You Are In A Friend Zoned Relationship:

  1. He/she keeps on saying that you are just friends
  2. He/She asks you questions about other girls/boys and want to get information about other women/guys from you
  3. He/She keeps avoiding people and their friends from seeing you guys together
  4. By any chance you are not willing to get intimate with them, they get extremely mad at you and keeps their distance
  5. They are not scared of flirting and hitting on other boys/girls right in front of you
  6. Even in your presence they still talk about how they find other people attractive or how they have a crush on someone
  7. There is literally no physical contact between the two of you unless otherwise
  8. They never invite you on a date for two, friends and family are always included
  9. They compare you with their other friends
  10. They lie to you sometimes straight in your face
  11. They don’t mind if you leave early or show up late
  12. They literally never apologize for their mistakes even though you really deserve an apology
  13. They leave you on Read and reply late most of the times
  14. You will notice that you are the one who always starts a conversation with them, whether by calling or texting first
  15. They make fan of you or your dreams
  16. They don’t involve you in their romantic relationship in their future
  17. They rarely complement your New look such as a new hair cut, hairstyle or outfit
  18. You can tell that they don’t take you that serious
  19. They introduce you as a friend to their friends or family members
  20. You can feel it in your heart that they are not into you in a special way
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By reading and putting into consideration the above signs, and realizing that you might be a victim of a friend zoned relationship.

Here are a couple of tips to help you get out of a friend zone as quickly as possible and become their romantic partner.

Tips Of Getting Out Of A Friend Zone Relationship:

  1. Give them competition and show them that your life is absolutely perfect without them
  2. Avoid being the first person to always initiate the conversation
  3. Let them make it clear to you if they love you as a friend or they actually have something special for you
  4. Flirt with them and give them signals that you like them more than just a Friend
  5. Genuinely make them feel special and they will eventually fall in love with you
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