“I Live In My Wife’s House and I’m Comfortable With It” – Mr. Kimani

Why I live in my wife's house

According to normality, when you marry or start dating a lady, as a man you are supposed to have a house or a home for your woman or family.

But this is not the case with Kimani Joseph, a 34 year old Kenyan man who stays in his wife’s place, and loves it there.

“Me and my lovely wife, Nancy, have one child together, we both live in the house that Nancy bought us since we are her family”, says Joseph.

During an interview with Kenyan Magazine, Mr Kimani, said that you will know if your woman loves you if she can accommodate you in her place.

“When I first met Nancy, we both had problems financially, but as years went by, she got a better job that paid her well”, He said.

“By the time she got pregnant, she had already bought a new bungalow house in Utawala”, Kimani said.

Joseph told Kenyan Magazine that since they were living in a small one bedroom he rented, he felt like there was no problem moving to a bigger house since her wife was about to give birth.

According to him, Nancy had taken a loan from the bank and bought that house, which she paid it off herself without any assistance from him.

“I don’t feel less of a man for not being part of buying a house for my family, because my wife knows I earn less than her”, Kimani reviled.

“we live in the house that she bought, but my close friends think I’m not doing the right thing, but I’m Nancy’s husband, if she allows me in her house then who I’m I to say no?”, he said.

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In the interview, Kimani revealed that a couple of months before moving to the bungalow in Utawala, his wife Nancy had asked him if he wanted her to turn the new house into a Airbnb so it can generate more income for them and their first child, but he refused.

“I have never had my wife complain to me about the issue of moving in her house, Kenyan Men should stop all this yapping”, Joseph told Kenyan Magazine.

Joseph and his wife, together with their baby have been living in the house that the wife bought with her own money, with no financial assistance from the husband despite being together during that time, for more than 5 years now.

According to Kimani, he feels that he is comfortable moving in with his wife and that he actually tells his friends and family that he is the one who bought that house for his beautiful family.

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