Why I Left My Rich Husband For A Broke Guy Who’s Good In Bed (The Story of Florence)

Why I broke up with rich hubby

As a woman, you have to look at certain things in a man of your dreams and most women agree that the top priority are money and good intimacy.

A Kenyan Magazine writer interviewed a young lady who broke up with her rich husband to go get married to a guy who had close to no money but was great in bed.

Speaking to Kenyan Magazine, Florence Auma, a Luo lady who is 28 years old explained why and how she decided to choose s3x over wealth.

“Money is not everything, I’m not just saying it, I’ve been there done that, my ex husband was an extremely wealthy person, but he wasn’t satisfying me in bed”, Florence said.

“I met my rich ex husband when I was 24 years old, but we started taking things seriously when I was around 25”, she said.

“He could basically get me almost anything materialistic I wanted. I can remember one day he promised to buy my mother a new house if I could take my time and join a driving school so I can be able to drive a car he had bought me on our 3rd year anniversary, and he actually bought the house for my parents after I finished the driving classes”, Florence said.

According to Florence, her ex husband who was supper rich bought her a brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class on their anniversary.

She also confirmed that her parents still currently live in the house that her former rich husband bought for then.

According to Florence, everything was going good until she met Cyrus, a guy who turned out to be the best experience in bed Florence has ever had from a man.

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“I used to love my rich husband, because he could do anything for me, I’ve travelled to fancy places, visited amazing destinations, met respected people and owned expensive things all courtesy of him”, she said.

“But everything changed when I met my now husband, Mr Cyrus. He was the personal mechanic to my ex husband”, Florence told KM.

In the interview, Florence told Kenyan Magazine that she has never cheated on her ex husband before, but one day she came home a little tipsy and the husband was not around.

On that same night, Mr Cyrus was at their place repairing a car that was supposed to be used by the husband the following day for a business trip.

“I came home drunk and Cyrus was there, he noticed I was drunk and helped me to my room”, she said.

“I told Cyrus to help me undress so I can sleep peacefully, and since I was his boss, he couldn’t say no, and that’s where things started changing”, she said.

“I have never felt like a woman my whole life, the experience was out of this world, this man Cyrus made me feel like I was the only girl in the world”, Florence said.

Florence and Cyrus continued having unprotected s3x for months behind Florence’s ex husband who’s the boss to Cyrus and the husband to Florence.

“One day I just made up my mind, I was head over hills with this guy Cyrus, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I could ask my husband for tons of money and go give it all to Cyrus because he was being paid peanuts, he was a broke guy”, she said.

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“I asked for a divorce from my rich ex husband without taking any single penny from him and went ahead to live with Cyrus. My s3x life has never been the same again”, she said. “I love every single second of it” she added.

Florence is happily married to Cyrus, a broke guy who was good in the game but poor financially.

They are expecting their first child in August, which means Florence is pregnant to Cyrus today.

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