Why Women Don’t Massage Their Husbands At Home (Kenyan Ladies Answer)

Massage Husband at home

What’s the last time you did a massage to your husband?. What’s your reason?.

One of the most high paying jobs in Kenya is being a masseuse… Who is a
masseuse?. A woman who provides massage professionally.

Did you know that 34% of married men in Kenya go to a massage therapist at least once a week while around 54% of married men or men in a relationships, SECRETLY get massage without their women noticing.

One of the reasons why men secretly get massaged by other women is because their wives and girlfriends don’t do it for them at home.

We tried to get to the bottom of this, Kenyan Magazine interviewed a number of married and single Kenyan women to understand why they do not massage their loving husbands.

Here is the answer of Kenyan ladies on why they don’t do massage to their men at home.

Why I Don’t Massage My Man At Home:

Jessica – I feel like men are so pressured to live like kings, but you can’t live as a king everyday, this is real life.. I have a child to take care of not you a grown a*s man.

Ann – I can’t do massage for my husband at home, unless he pays me.

Emily – I’ve been married for 10 years, not even once has my own husband ever asked for a massage from me, how does he expect me to know he needs one?

Lydia – It’s because I don’t want to, I’m your wife not your employee..

Clara (single) – Most men don’t like to get massage from their women, I think they feel like they are so used to those hands (laughs)…

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Margate – I don’t mind doing massage to my man in the house, for as long as the effort is reciprocated.

Valerie (Single) – Aii! Why is it always women to treat guys well, ask men to do massage to their wives at least two times a week and see what happens.

What’s the last time you did a massage to your husband and what was your reason?. (WhatsApp Number: 0771682040)

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