I Left A Bad Marriage After 12 Years And Left My Kids With My Ex Husband – Lydia Orua

Leaving toxic marriage

Have you ever wondered why women stay in a toxic relationship for years and they never leave.. And if they leave, even after being in the know of the situation they still leave without their very own kids.

Here is a story of Lydia Orua who left her kid with the husband after trying to build her marriage for over 10 years strong.

We had a chance to talk to Lydia, here is her story.

“Marriage these days is overrated, marriage is not that sweet as people think it is”, Lydia Said.

“I was married to my ex husband Mr. Johnson for 15 years, the first 3 years of our marriage before my daughter came was amazing”, she said.

“Entering our 4th year of marriage, I gave birth to our child who’s name I won’t mention”, Lydia Said.

“Things started getting bitter in the relationship, my ex husband would spend almost 2 days straight without coming home and when I try calling him he says he’s coming but won’t show up”, she said.

“He started treating me like an option, not like the woman she married, I used to cry and feel really bad about myself but I couldn’t do anything about it because even my mother told me to stay in the marriage no matter what”, Lydia Said.

“I honestly can’t explain the pain I went through with this fullish man, he used to beat me, call me names in front of my daughter and his family then blamed me for not being a good wife”, she said.

According to Lydia, she has done almost everything a woman can do to save her marriage which was clearly breaking down.

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She told Kenyan Magazine that she was one fight away to go to a witch doctor so as to save the marriage.

“My family and his family was blaming me for not being a good wife, I mean what more could I have done”, (Lydia started cry).

“I don’t know what happened, but one day he came home and tried to beat me like he used to, I jumped out of the house through the bedroom window and I never came back”, she said.

“I left him and my daughter there, I have not seen both of them for 2 years now and sometimes I regret it because of my kid, but I don’t want to stay in that kind of a relationship”, Lydia Said.

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