He Accepted Me Back After Being Apart For 3 Years – Agnes Shigori

Would You accept your ex back

Would you accept your ex back after breaking up and being apart for years?.

Agnes Shigori, a 29 year old Kenyan lady who went back to his ex lover, to whom she hard broken up with for the past 3 years.

The husband is currently 35 years old and she accepted Agnes back and they have now been together for 10 mouths after their reunion last year.

Here is Agnes’s side of the story of why she decided to go back to his ex husband after three years of being with different men.

Why I Went Back To My Ex After Breaking Up For Three Years:

Agnes Shigori and her husband Peterson were in a romantic relationship for 4 years before breaking up and then getting back together after 3 good years.

“Me and Peterson have now been together for almost an year, 10 mouths to be precise, after breaking up years ago”, Agnes Said.

“I told him the number of men I had been with for the last 3 Years and he still took me back, because I believe the love we have for each other is stronger than our past”, Agnes said.

“I broke up with him and it’s been 3 years before I decided to look for him and convince him to take me back, and he did”, She Said.

“As a woman, there are men in your life that you will never forget, they are just like heavenly sent men, and Peterson is one of those men”, she said.

“Years ago when we broke up, it was because of stupid things, I was young and stupid indid,” Agnes said.

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Agnes Shigori told Kenyan Magazine, that after being separated from Peterson for years, she decided to go back and tell him the entire truth and why she should be accepted back.

“When I reached out to him for the first time in 3 years, I promised to tell him the entire truth under the condition that he will accept me back in his house which used to be our home”, she said.

“it wasn’t an easy task, but a couple of weeks later, he started listening to me more, and we started going out until it was official that we are back together,” she said.

Agnes Shigori in the interview with Kenyan Magazine said that the reason she went back to her ex was because he had more money compared to the men she’s been with for the past 3 years and that she loved him genuinely, missed him so much and that he was good in bed.

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