Top 20 Richest People In Pakistan and Their Net Worth 2022

Richest people in Pakistan

Who is the richest person in Pakistan?.

Here is the list of the richest and most wealthy Pakistanis.

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the entire world with the highest number of millionaires as of this year.

They say numbers don’t lie, and as the numbers of all millionaires in Pakistan indicate, not mentioning Billionaires in the country, there are most certainly extremely wealthy people in the country.

Out of all the richest people in Pakistan as of this year, who are the wealthiest of them all?.

In this article, we have listed down the rank of Pakistan’s Richest People and their respective Net Worth.

Shahid Rafiq Khan is currently the richest person in Pakistan today, below is the list of the richest people in Pakistan.

Richest People In Pakistan:

1. Shahid Rafiq Khan

Net Worth $8.5 billion

The wealthiest person in the country of Pakistan is none other than Shahid Khan.

2. Muhammad Anwar Parvez

Net Worth $4.5 billion

Taking the second place as the wealthiest people in Pakistan is Muhammad Parvez.

3. Sadruddin Hashwani

Net Worth $4 billion

Sadruddin is now currently the third richest person in Pakistan with a net worth of over $4 United States billion dollars.

4. Mian Muhammad Mansha

Net Worth $2.8 billion

Mian Mansha of Pakistan is holding the title of the richest man in Pakistan at the 4th place.

5. Asif Ali Zardari

Net Worth $1.99 billion

The fifth richest person in Pakistan is Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan.

6. Malik Riaz

Net Worth $1.55 billion

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In the Pakistan country as of this year, Malik Riaz is at the sixth place as the wealthiest person in the country.

7. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

Net Worth $1.45 billion

One of the richest people in Pakistan today is Mian Sharif.

8. Nasir Schon

Net Worth $1.30 billion

Nasir Schon is also among the most wealthy individuals in Pakistan.

9. Rafique M. Habib

Net Worth $1.2 billion

M. Babib is one of the richest people in the country today.

10. Tariq Saigol

Net Worth $0.95 billion

Tariq Saigol holds the tenth place as the wealthiest person in Pakistan country.

11. Mohammad Zahoor

Net Worth $0.90 billion

12. Dewan Yousuf Farooqui

Net Worth $850 million

13. Sultan Ali Lakhani

Net Worth $790 million

14. Seth Abid Hussain

Net Worth $700 Million

15. Mian Muhammad Latif

Net Worth $600 million

16. Haji Abdul Ghafoor

17. Sheikhani Family

18. Byram D. Avari

19. Hussain Dawood

20. Abdul Razak Dawood

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