Top 10 Highest Paid Lawyers In Canada 2024

Highest paid lawyers in Canada

From Toronto to Ontario and various places and cities in Canada, who are the highest paid lawyers?.

Here is the updated list of the top ten highest paid Canadian lawyers who make the highest amount of money as lawyers in the country.

The highest paid lawyers in Canada are actually among the richest lawyers in Canada due to the millions of money they are able to pocket.

Today, Lawyer career is actually among the highest paying jobs in the world, some countries around the globe pay lawyers the highest out of almost all careers in that country.

Being a lawyer is a highly desired career by millions of people not only in Canada but worldwide.

In Canada, the salary or income of a lawyer may be determined by the speciality of the lawyer.

Different specialities for lawyers pay differently in Canada.

Here is how much lawyers in Canada make with respect to their specialized fields.

Below are the top highest paying Specialties for Canadian Lawyers that pay lawyers the highest income per case.

Highest Paid Lawyers In Canada:

By job category and with respect to lawyers specialists, these are the highest paid lawyers in Canada today.

  1. Attorney at law
  2. Patent attorney
  3. Legal manager
  4. Intellectual property paralegal
  5. Family Lawyer
  6. Corporate Counsel
  7. Personal injury lawyer
  8. Lawyer
  9. Employment lawyer
  10. General Counsel
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