Robert Agengo: Meet Fella Of Zora Series Unknown Facts And Photos

Robert Agengo


The ungrateful husband of Zora who is treating her like trash in the Citizen TV Series ZORA

Who is this guy Fella from Citizen TV Series Zora. Here is what you need to know about Zora series actor Fella.

In Zora Series, Fella is the husband to the lead actress Sarah Hassan known as Zora in the show. Zora seems to be much in love with her family, that’s her husband and son Simba, she tries her best to make things work between the two of them, but Fella obviously isn’t feeling it.

Fella keeps on doing bad things to his wife Zora and using reversed psychology on Zora’s mother to make her look like the bad guy in every situation.

In this article we have listed, 10 facts about Fella from Zora series that you should know about, below the list we have also included the latest photos and videos of Fella

Here is what you need know about Zora’s husband Fella.

Facts About Robert Agengo (Fella) From Zora:

  1. Fella from Zora Series real name is Robert Agengo
  2. Robert Agengo aka Fella is 36 years old this year 2021 (born April 22, 1986)
  3. This is not the first time Robert Agengo (Fella) has featured on a Kenyan national TV show. He has been featured in other big TV shows such as:

Makutano Junction



The talented actor Mr. Robert Agengo has also appeared in films that have gone international such as:

40 sticks

Sue Na Jonnie

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

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  • available on Netflix
  1. Robert Agengo is a fitness guy and he is also a boxer, though he does these things to stay fit and healthy
  2. Even though Robert Agengo plays the character of an abusive husband to his wife Zora, the guy is very calm and caring in real life
  3. Robert Agengo (Fella) and Sarah Hassan (Zora) are not married in real life, they are simply playing the role of husband and wife in the Citizen TV Drama Series “Zora”
  4. Robert did not start acting yesterday, he has been in the film industry for over a decade now (10 years) and counting
  5. Robert Agengo is not only a talented actor but he is also a Kenyan casting director who has successfully directed various films in the country
  6. Robert Agengo has won awards as an actor, these awards include:
  • Kisima Music Film Awards for Best Actor

Film: 40 Sticks

Year: 2020.

  • Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role

Nomination: 40 Sticks

Year: 2020

  1. Robert Agengo AKA Fella is one among the very few Kenyan creators who have managed to secretly keep their love and relationship life private, completely unaccessible by the public

Below are amazing pictures of Robert Agengo, actor of Zora series who plays the role of Fella.

Meet Robert in real life, check out the following photos & videos of the talented actor below.

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