Jackie Matubia: Meet Nana Of Zora Series, Unknown Facts and Photos

Jackie Matubia


Meet Zora’s best friend, Nana. Here are things you should know about Nana from Zora Series on Citizen TV.

The talented actress who plays the role of Nana in Citizen TV Show Zora and the ride or die best friend of lead actress Zora “Sarah Hassan”.

In this article, we have provided you with a list of facts about Nana that every Zora fan would probably like to know.

If you are a big fan of Nana from Zora series or you love how Nana supports and loves her BFF Zora, then this article is meant just for you, keep reading to find out more.

Here are real life facts about Nana and her latest videos and pictures are also included at the bottom of the list.

Facts About Jackie Matubia (Nana Of Zora Series):

  • Nana from Zora Series real name is Jackie Matubia (Jacqueline Mwangi Matubia).
  • Jackie Matubia AKA Nana is a mother of a beautiful girl named Zari Wanjiku
  • Jackie Matubia is married, her husband’s name is Kennedy Njogu, known by many as Nyongz
  • Kennedy Njogu, Jackie Matubia’s husband is a professional pilot
  • Matubia was born and raised in Kenya, but she also grew up partly in the UK where her father was, she is from the Kikuyu tribe
  • The talented actress Jackie Matubia is also an entrepreneur, she is the CEO of her own business called Fabulously Forward
  • Jackie Matubia has been featured on big TV shows before appearing on Zora, these TV shows include Tahidi High where she played the role of Jolene. As a matter of fact, her best friend Zora was also a Tahidi High actress playing the role of Tanya in the show.
  • Jackie has worked with various national televisions in Kenya such as; Switch TV, hosting ChatSpot alongside other female hosts and also Rembo TV, the show name is E-Zone. Fan fact, the show on Rembo TV is actually her very own TV entertainment news show
  • Jackie Matubia aka Nana has been in the film industry for years now, she is currently in her early thirties and still serving Kenyans with pure talent on the screens
  • Jackie Matubia is among the highest paid female actors in the country this year
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Now that you have known more about Nana from Zora Series on Citizen TV.

Here are the latest beautiful photos of the talented actress Nana (Jackie Matubia) of Zora series.

Check out the following beautiful pictures and videos of the amazing Jackie Matubia aka Nana.

Jackie Matubia Photos & Videos:

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