Brenda Michelle: Meet Alma Of Zora Series Facts & Photos

Brenda Michelle


Who is the beautiful girl featured in Citizen TV series Zora, the wife of Kwame?

Alma is the wife of Kwame in the Kenyan Series Zora which airs on Citizen TV every weekdays from exactly 7:30PM (after news) to 8:00PM East Africa Time.

Zora Series has a number of beautiful and talented female actresses in the TV show, and in this article, we are going to meet Alma, the wife of Kwame, in real life.

In this article, we have provided the real life facts and latest photos of Alma from Zora Series, get to know more about the talented actress.

Every Zora fan has probably at one point got their attention stolen by Alma, she is so talented and plays her role very well.

Here are facts about Alma from Zora Citizen TV Show you need to know about.

At the end of this article, we have also included the latest videos, pictures and shot videos of Alma of Zora Series.

Facts About Alma (Brenda Michelle) From Zora Series:

  • Alma of Zora Series real name is Brenda Michelle
  • Brenda Michelle is a Mother and a wife
  • Brenda Michelle husband’s name is Jacky B. He is a popular producer in Kenya and most people already know who Jacky B is, ( pictures of them are below the article)
  • Alma aka Brenda Michelle is NOT the wife of Kwame in real life, they are both just acting as husband and wife as their roles in the show
  • Brenda Michelle aka Alma has the name “Mishy” which she is also refered to by people
  • Brenda Michelle has a Degree in Chinese Language which means she can speak fluent Chinese
  • Brenda Michelle is a pet lover and she owns pets (Dogs) that she treasures the most
  • Alma also known as Brenda is a Nairobi University graduate
  • Brenda Michelle went to Moi Girls High School for her secondary education
  • Brenda is also a graduate of African Digital Media Institute where she studied film and television
  • Apart from acting, Brenda Michelle is also an Editor, she has edited and worked with various big names in the country. She is the head of cinematography at Tamusana
  • Alma has not started acting yesterday, she has been in the film industry for quite some time now
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Now that you have an idea of who Alma from Zora Series is, here are beautiful pictures of Alma AKA Brenda Michelle.

Below are videos, pictures and galleries of Brenda Michelle of Zora series on Citizen TV, including photos of her with her family.

Beautiful Photos & Videos Of Alma (Brenda Michelle) From Zora:

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