15 Signs A Married Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

Signs A female workmate likes you

How do you know is that lady you are in the same work place likes you but she is hiding it from you.

It is not a surprise to have a married woman fall in love with another guy especially at their workplace.

Here are the 15 sure signs that a woman who you work with in your job is feeling something special for you but she is afraid to show it completely.

To know if your engage lady workmate is falling in love with you slowly, keep reading the signs to look out for you to be sure she actually feels something for you.

Below is the list of obvious signs a Married Woman likes you more than a Friend.

Obvious Signs A Married Female Coworker Likes You Secretly:

  1. She is always trying her level best to have a quick conversation with you
  2. She gets jealous when she finds out you are quite open with other females in your work place
  3. You can notice how she often favors you over other coworkers
  4. She trys to flirt during a conversation but hiding it from you to notice
  5. She finds the silliest reasons to touch you or becomes touchy more than usual
  6. She asks you questions about your personal life like your relationship status, family and what you plan to do on your day off
  7. She seems a bit nervous when you are around or in the same room
  8. She keeps looking at you but when you look at her she glances away
  9. She texts you out of work topics or try to start a conversation
  10. She doesn’t hesitate to invite you to her office, or drinks or coffee whenever she has an opportunity
  11. She always compliments you at times
  12. She seems to always be on your side whenever things are not going well at the job
  13. She hates it when your shift ends and you have leave work and live her behind
  14. She wants to walk home with you from work or offer to ride home together
  15. She trys to look more attractive when you are around
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