Top 20 Most Expensive Bicycle Brands In The World 2022

Most expensive bicycle brands

What’s the world’s most expensive bicycle brand?.

If you have ever wondered which bicycle company is currently the most expensive brand to afford, keep reading.

Bicycles are popular among the rich people and the medium class as well, but the truth is, some bicycle brands are simply unaffordable.

You will need to have millions of money to afford some of the bicycle brands.

The most expensive bicycle companies are always striving to create the most luxurious Bicycles that will cost millions of dollars.

The bicycle industry or market itself is over $100 billion and counting as the years goes by, and these brands have found a way of scooping into that big market.

In this article, we have listed down the top 20 most expensive bicycle brands today.

Here is the list of the most expensive bicycle brands as of this year, the brands on this list are actually some of the most popular bicycle brands in the world.

Most Expensive Bicycle Brands:

  1. Raleigh Bicycle
  2. Specialized
  3. Trek
  4. Cannondale
  5. Cervelo
  6. Bianchi
  7. Diamondback
  8. Kona Bicycle Company
  9. Scott Sports
  10. Tiffany and Co.
  11. Montante
  12. Factor
  13. KGS
  14. Litespeed
  15. Schwinn Bicycle Company
  16. Giant Bicycles
  17. Pure Cycles
  18. Huffy
  19. Aurumania
  20. Krencker

When it comes to expensive bicycle brands, these are the top companies.

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