Top 15 Universities With The Most Beautiful Ladies In Kenya 2023

Kenyan Universities With The Most Beautiful Women

Kenya has many universities today distributed in all major counties and cities in the country.

In Kenya, universities are known for having young and beautiful students.

University girls literally rock the campus, they make a Kenyan University an actual institution with good looking ladies.

With all those universities operating in the country today, which Kenyan University has the highest number of beautiful, young, curvy and sexy girls?.

In this article, based on actual reality and various factors, we have listed down the top Kenyan universities today with the most beautiful women in their campuses.

We understand that some universities have different campuses located in different places from the university’s main campus.

So this list has combined all these factors and any university listed below that actually has a couple of campuses around Kenya has simply been generalised into one.

With that being said, below is the list of the top universities in the country with the highest number of good looking female students.

As of this year, Daystar University leads the park as the university in Kenya with the most beautiful women, it is closely followed by USIU.

Kenyan Universities With The Most Beautiful Girls:

  1. Daystar University
  2. USIU
  3. University Of Nairobi
  4. Strathmore University
  5. Mount Kenya University
  6. Kenyatta University
  7. KCA University
  8. Kenya Methodist University
  9. Catholic University
  10. Kabarak University
  11. Moi University
  12. Machakos University
  13. Riara University
  14. Gretsa University
  15. Egerton University

These are the top Kenyan institutions when it comes to the university with the best and the highest number of beautiful female students.

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