Pwani University Courses Offered (full list) and Contact

List of Courses Offered

Looking for all the courses offered at Pwani University?

List of accredited courses offered at Pwani University are listed below. Pwani University offers all these courses for both new students who want to join the institution and the existing students currently enrolled in the university.

You can find the list of courses that are currently available in Pwani University, for all the students or candidates who would like to join the institution and pursue their careers.

Here are, Masters courses, Degree courses, Diploma courses, Postgraduate courses, Undergraduate courses, among others that are currently offered at Pwani University this academic year.

Below is the list of courses offered at Pwani University (PU)

Courses Offered At Pwani University:

  • Masters Courses:

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Master of Science in Physics(Physics)

Master of Education(Education)

Master of Arts in Literature(Literature)

Master of Arts in Religious Studies(Religious Studies)

Master of Arts in History(History)

Master of Science in Microbiology(Microbiology)

Master of Education in Special Needs Education(Special Needs Education)

Master of Education in Planning and Administration(Planning and Administration)

Master of Science in Environmental Science(Environmental Science)

Master of Science in Chemistry(Chemistry)

Master of Science in Agronomy(Agronomy)

Master of Education in Curriculum Development(Curriculum Development)

Master of Arts in Kiswahili(Kiswahili)

Master of Science in Fisheries(Fisheries)

Master of Science in Applied Entomology(Applied Entomology)

Master of Science in Bioinformatics(Bioinformatics)

Master of Education in Psychology(Psychology)

Master of Health Sciences

Master of Science in Sociology

Masters of Management In Education

Masters in AGED

Masters in Education Science and Maths Methods

Master of Science in Livestock Sciences

  • Degree Courses:
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Bachelor of Environmental Science(Environmental Science)

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture(Horticulture)

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management(Hospitality and Tourism Management)

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry(Industrial Chemistry)

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology(Biotechnology)

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry(Biochemistry)

Bachelor of Science in Community Development(Community Development)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education(Early Childhood Education)

Bachelor of Special Needs Education(Special Needs Education)

Bachelor of Arts in English(English)

Bachelor of Science(Science)

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension and Management

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Upgrading Programme

Bachelor of Science in Marine Geology(Marine Geology)

Bachelor of Education in French(French)

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Resource Management(Agricultural Resource Management)

Bachelor of Environmental Planning and Management(Environmental Planning and Management)

Bachelor of Education Science in Agriculture

Bachelor of Education Science in Computer

Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science in Animal Production and Health

Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science(Computer Science)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing(Nursing)

Bachelor of Education in Arts(Arts)

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management and Trade

  • Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Early Childhood Development(Early Childhood Development )

Diploma in Travel and Tour Guiding Management(Travel and Tour Guiding Management)

Diploma in Animal Health(Animal Health)

Diploma in Applied Biology(Applied Biology)

Diploma in Primary Education(Primary Education)

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Diploma In Agricultural Education And Extension

Diploma in Nutrition and Health

Diploma in Agriculture and Marketing

Diploma in Horticulture and Marketing

Diploma in Guidance and Counseling(Guidance and Counseling)

Diploma in Computer Science(Computer Science)

Diploma in Community Development(Community Development)

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  • Doctorate Courses:

Ph.D in Literature(Literature)

PhD in Religious Studies(Religious Studies)

Ph.D in Sociology(Sociology)

Ph.D in Chemistry(Chemistry)

PhD in Geography(Geography)

Ph. D in Statistics(Statistics)

Ph.D in Linguistics(Linguistics)

PhD in Sociology of Education(Sociology of Education)

Ph.D in Environmental Science(Environmental Science)

Ph.D in Environmental Planning and Management(Environmental Planning and Management)

Ph.D in Horticulture(Horticulture)

Ph.D in Education in Educational Administration(Educational Administration)

Ph.D in Educational Psychology(Educational Psychology)

Ph.D in Educational Planning and Management(Educational Planning and Management)

Ph.D in Psychology(Psychology)

PhD in History Of Education

PhD in Communication Technology and French

PhD in Medical Entomology

  • Pwani University Contacts:

Physical Address: Mombasa -Malindi Highway
Kilifi County, Kenya

Address: P.O Box 195-80108

Location: Kilifi, Kenya

Telephone Number: +254 725 91 61 45

Telephone Number 2: +254 776 36 89 46

Email Address: [email protected]


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