Rongo University Certificate and Diploma Courses Offered [Full List]

Certificate and Diploma Courses -

Rongo University Certificate and Diploma Courses Offered [Full List]

Below is complete list of the Certificate & Diploma Courses that is currently offered at the institution, Rongo University.

The list of certificate and diploma courses below is meant to help you view the complete list of certificate and diploma courses offered at this institution and be able to chose the best certificate or diploma course that works for you.

Here are Certificate and Diploma Courses offered by this institution that you can select the one that matches your desire and pursue it at the Rongo University.

Rongo University Certificate and Diploma Courses:

Rongo University Certificate Courses:

Certificate in Electrical Installation(Electrical Installation)  

Certificate in Fashion Design and Textile Technology(Fashion Design and Textile Technology)  

Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology(Laboratory Technology)  

Certificate in Library Studies

Certificate in Tourism Management(Tourism Management)  

Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Management(Hotel and Restaurant Management)  

Certificate in Business Management(Business Management)  

Certificate in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)  

Certificate in Project Management(Project Management)  

Certificate in Health Records and Information(Health Records and Information)  

Diploma in Building and Construction Engineering(Building and Construction Engineering) 

Certificate in Translation and Interpretation(Translation and Interpretation)  

Certificate In County Governance()  

Certificate in Housekeeping and Accommodation Management(Housekeeping and Accommodation Management)  

Rongo University Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Economics(Economics)  

Diploma in Tourism Management(Tourism Management) 

Diploma in horticulture(horticulture)  

Diploma in Kiswahili and Translation Studies (Kiswahili and Translation Studies )  

Diploma in Child Rights and Protection (Child Rights and Protection )  

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Media Communications(Journalism)

Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education(Early Childhood Development)  

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Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)  

Diploma in Criminology(Criminology)  

Diploma in Social Work and Community Development(Social Work and Community Development)  

Diploma in Religious Studies(Religious Studies)  

Diploma in Police Science and Crime Management(Police Science and Crime Management)  

Diploma in Agribusiness(Agribusiness)  

Diploma in Food Science Technology(Food Science Technology)  

Diploma in Agriculture(Agriculture)  

Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)  

Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)  

Diploma in hotel and restaurant management(hotel management)  

Diploma in Secondary Education, Science(Science)  

Diploma in Secondary Education(Arts)  

Diploma in Health Records & Information Technology(Health Records)  

Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management(Purchasing and Supplies)  

Diploma in Project Planning and Development(Project Planning & Development)  

Diploma in Education(Science)  

Diploma in Early Childhood and Primary Education(Early Childhood & Primary Education)  

Diploma in Special Needs Education(Special Needs)  

Diploma in Library and Information Sciences

Diploma in Computer Science(Computer Science)  

Diploma in Community Health and Development(Community Health)  

Diploma in Public Relations(Public Relations)  

Diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology (Fashion Design)  

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Option(Power)  

Diploma in public health(public health)  

Diploma in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)  

Diploma in Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)  

Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology(Science Laboratory Technology)  

Diploma in Applied Biology(Applied Biology)  

Diploma in Translation and Interpretation (Translation and Interpretation )  

Diploma in Education(Arts)  

Diploma in County Governance(County Governance)  

For more information about the institution and courses offered, contact the institution’s management or reach out to them through the institution’s contact details below:

Address: Kitere Hill, 8 kilometers from Rongo Town, and 2.5 kilometres off Kisii – Migori Highway, P.O. Box 103-40404, Rongo

 Location: Rongo

 Telephone Number: 0770308253

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 Email Address: [email protected]

 University Website:

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