20+ Best Sailor Pick Up Lines

Sailors Pick up lines

Let’s start with a pick up line about sailors. Are you ready – Go!

Will you raise my mast so that I can put my wind in your sails?.

Was that a good one?.

If you think that was a nice pick up line about sailing, sailor and sails.

Then here are more than 20 funny, cheesy, clever, dirty and smooth sailor pick up lines.

Sailors Pick Up Lines:

Baby Girl, I would like to drop my anchor into your island. 

Will you have a look at my life jacket tan?

Will your mum be mad at me if she finds out that I’m in your boat?

I hope you don’t drag all the sailors you meet and that I’m special to be dragged into my watery doom. 

Would you mind if I turned my dingy into your yacht?

Would you mind if I stuck my rudder in your stern?

Can I be the captain of your destiny?

Will you raise my mast so that I can put my wind in your sails?

Are you happy to see me or you have a shark in your pocket?

Can I tie up my misplaced anchor with you?

I have the ship and you have the harbor. How about us tie up for the night?

Want to catch what I have?

Will you raise my spine pole?

Would you like my boat to pull in my pier?

Hey sexy, do you want to see the sailors log?

The best thing about being a sailor is that only sailors are blown offshore. 

This day is going to be special, because waves aren’t the only thing rocking you tonight. 

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It’s sad to see you go, but watching your transom makes me happy. 

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