10 Leading Avocado Exporters in Kenya

Avocado exporters

Kenya has become a significant player in the global avocado market, earning the title of “Green Gold” due to the substantial revenue it generates from avocado exports.

This boom is not just about large-scale producers; small-scale farmers are also making significant contributions, helping Kenya to rank among the world’s leading avocado exporters.

Here are some top avocado exporters in Kenya in Kenya listed in no particular order.

Avocado Exporters in Kenya

1. Kakuzi Limited

Kakuzi Limited is one of Kenya’s largest avocado producers, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability.

They export both Fuerte and Hass varieties, ensuring they meet international standards.

2. Habex Agro

Habex Agro has emerged as a key player in the avocado export market, especially with its strong ties to the European and Middle Eastern markets.

3. Sunripe (1976) Ltd

Sunripe focuses on exporting high-quality avocados to Europe and has established a strong reputation for reliability and quality assurance.

4. Vegpro Kenya

Vegpro Kenya is a diversified exporter dealing in various horticultural products, including avocados. They emphasize quality and timely delivery to their international clients.

5. Keitt Exporters Limited

Keitt Exporters Limited is a significant exporter of Hass avocados, with a strong presence in European and Asian markets.

They are known for their robust supply chain and high standards of quality.

6. East African Growers Ltd

East African Growers Ltd exports a variety of fresh produce, including avocados. They focus on sustainability and fair trade practices, making them a trusted name in the industry.

7. Biofarms Limited

Biofarms Limited is noted for its organic avocado exports. They cater to niche markets that demand organic produce, ensuring all their products meet strict organic certification standards.

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8. KiliAvo Fresh Exporters Ltd

KiliAvo Fresh Exporters Ltd specializes in exporting fresh avocados to the Middle East and Europe, focusing on premium quality and customer satisfaction.

9. Mofarm Fresh Fruits Exporters

Mofarm Fresh Fruits Exporters is a newer entrant in the market but has quickly made a name for itself by maintaining high-quality standards and efficient logistics.

10. AAA Growers

AAA Growers is another prominent player, exporting a wide range of horticultural products, including avocados. They are committed to sustainable farming practices and quality assurance.

Kenya’s avocado industry continues to grow, with substantial efforts to improve quality and expand market reach, ensuring the country remains a top exporter in the global avocado market.

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