Best Artists From Mombasa Kenya [Ranked] 2023

Best Musicians From Mombasa

Who is the best artist from the county of Mombasa, Kenya?.

One of the most talented musicians in Kenya today are from Mombasa, and Mombasa has quite a lot of great artists.

In this article, we have ranked the top most talented, loved and the greatest musicians of all time in Mombasa.

When it comes to love swahili music in Kenya, with no doubt musicians from Mombasa County are the leading artists.

The R&B musicians in Kenya are mostly from Mombasa.

With that being said, here are the best musicians in Kenya from Mombasa, ranked.

Today, Otile Brown (Obizee!!) is not only the best musician from Mombasa but also currently among the top 5 best artists in Kenya.

Another great artist from the County of Mombasa holding the title of the 2nd best musician from Mombasa Kenya is Masauti (Kenyan Boy!).

Below are Mombasa’s best artist today who represent Mombasa to the fullest.

Best Musicians From Mombasa:

  1. Otile Brown
  2. Masauti
  3. Madini Classic
  4. Kalechi Africana
  5. Nyota Ndogo
  6. Brown Mauzo
  7. Ally B
  8. Susumila
  9. Chikuzee
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