Top 40 Best Female Reggae Musicians 2023

Best female reggae artist

Who is the best, most famous and the greatest female reggae musician in the world today?.

Here is the list ranking of the greatest women musicians in reggae music who have made history in the reggae world and their music will live forever.

Reggae is one of the most distinctive music styles around the globe which makes it a great choice for parting music, meditation and feel good vibe.

There are female artists that have released some of the greatest reggae music hits and they have become globally popular.

With respect to reggae music and its amazing vibe, here is the ranking of the best and the greatest, including the most popular female reggae musicians today.

With that being said, below are the world’s best female reggae musicians till date listed in no particular order.

Greatest Female Reggae Artists In The World:

  1. Etana
  2. Marcia Griffiths
  3. Lady Saw
  4. Rita Marley
  5. Judy Mowatt
  6. Tanya Stephens
  7. Lady Saw
  8. Queen Ifrica
  9. Jah9
  10. Koffee
  11. Alaine
  12. Spice
  13. Queen Ifrica
  14. Cecile
  15. Lady G
  16. Pam Hall
  17. Sister Nancy
  18. J.C. Lodge
  19. Phyllis Dillion
  20. Nadine Sutherland
  21. Dezarie
  22. Hortense Ellis
  23. Tessanne Chin
  24. Diana King
  25. Macka Diamond
  26. Grace Jones
  27. Lauryn Hill
  28. Janet Kay
  29. Lorna Bennett
  30. Queen Omeaga
  31. Tami Chynn
  32. Cherine Anderson
  33. Hempress Sativa
  34. Carlene Davis
  35. Sophia George
  36. Jennifer Lara
  37. Judy Boucher
  38. Pam Hall
  39. Tifa
  40. Raine Seville
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