Top 15 Best Money Lending Mobile Loan Apps In Uganda 2023

What’s the best and the most reliable loan app in Uganda today?.

Find out the best mobile money lending Apps in uganda today that you can download on your smartphone and get approved for a loan almost immediately.

In Uganda, there are various money lending mobile applications that claim to be the best, cheapest and have quick approval process for Ugandans who are in need of a quick loan.

But after downloading and installing some of this apps, you get to realize that it’s not as they advertised about their app.

In this article, we have listed nothing but the most reliable and working Ugandan money lending mobile apps you can download now, register and get a loan.

With no particular order, these are the top 15 loan apps in UG that actually work.

Please note that some of these money lending apps for quick loans are operated by banks in the country.

Quick Loans Approval Money Lending Mobile Apps In Uganda:

  1. MoKash App
  2. Tala Loan App
  3. Yetu Loan Mobile App
  4. Cente Youth Loans Uganda
  5. Haraka Loan App
  6. Mobiloan – Platinum Credit Uganda Limited
  7. Barclay’s – Timiza Loan App
  8. Aspire mobile loan App
  9. Smart Loan Uganda
  10. Easy Mobile – EFC Uganda
  11. Bayport Uganda
  12. Borrocracy
  13. Jazika Loan
  14. Zenka Uganda
  15. SC Mobile Uganda
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