Top 15 Best (Popular) Disney Princes Of All Time [2023 Update]

Disney Princes

Who are the best and most popular Princes in Disney till today?.

Disney Princes play a very important role in their films and their message is very valuable.

Disney Princes play role model to young boys and older men mostly by showing them that it is okay to be sensitive and caring, and that true love do exist.

These Princes have a number of Characteristics that show that they are indeed Disney Prince.

Some of the common characteristics of a Disney Prince include;

  • Being brave and courageous
  • Good looking and attractive with a handsome face
  • They are loyal and caring
  • Independent and confident
  • Talented and full of purpose

There are many Prince from Disney but the most popular Disney Princes are Prince Charming, Aladdin and Prince Phillip.

With that being said, below is the list of the best and most popular Disney Princes of all time.

Most Popular Disney Prince:

  1. Prince Charming – Cinderella
  2. Aladdin
  3. Prince Phillip – Sleeping Beauty
  4. Prince Eric – The Little Mermaid
  5. Prince Edward – Enchanted
  6. Prince Kit – Cinderella: A Twist in Time
  7. James – Sofia the First
  8. Apollo – Hercules: The Animated Series
  9. Hans – Frozen
  10. Prince Naveen – The Princess and the Frog
  11. Prince Adam/The Beast – Beauty and the Beast
  12. Prin Florian – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  13. Li Shang – Mulan
  14. Simba – The Lion King
  15. John Smith – Princess Pocahontas
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