Top 20 Best Rooftop Bars In Washington DC 2023

Rooftop bar in Washington DC

If you want to have a drink and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful Washington DC.

Then you need a good rooftop bar that offers great drinks and beautiful skyline views from the top of the bar.

In this article, with the help of Washington DC residents who have actually been to these amazing rooftop bars and Kenyan Magazine research.

We have come up with the list ranking of the top 20 most recommended rooftop bars for anyone in Washington DC wanting to enjoy the city from above as they sip on something.

With that being said, here are Washington’s best rooftop bars you should definitely try this month.

Best Washington DC City Rooftop Bars:

  1. The Rooftop at the Graham Georgetown
  2. 12 Stories
  3. Top of the Gate
  4. Over Under Sportsbook Rooftop Lounge
  5. Whiskey Charlie
  6. Summit the Rooftop at Conrad
  7. Crimson View
  8. CUT Above
  10. Bar Deco
  11. VUE Rooftop
  12. Hi-Lawn
  13. Bar Deco
  14. Officina
  15. Hush Rooftop Bar
  16. Tortuga DC
  17. Lost Society
  18. Brixton
  19. Skybox at the Player’s Club
  20. The Rooftop at The Ven at Embassy Row
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