45+ Best Atheist Pick Up Lines

Atheist Pick up lines

If you are looking for the best pick up lines to hit on an atheist today, then you are in the right place.

Below is the collection of the best pick up lines to flirt with about atheist pick up lines.

Atheist Pick Up Lines:

Skeptical about my abilities in bed? Don’t worry. I can provide tons of proof

Thankfully, there is no heaven or hell, because I have some deadly sins in mind.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has a plan for us. I feel in my heart, he’s telling me he wants you to lay hands on my noodly appendage.

There is no god, so no going to hell if we f*k

Think of me as the Anti-Jesus. You won’t be able to walk after I’ve finished with you.

This atheist would love to be in YOUR foxhol

Wanna come back to my place and try to evolve the species?.

Wanna prove immaculate conception wrong?.

Wanna prove our non-existence?

Wanna re-create the Big Bang?.

Well I was planning on knock you over and carry you home. But that’s so prehistoric. So maybe you want to just get a drink?.

When I’m not there when you wake up, that’s just me playing god.

Would you like to feel my noodly appendages?.

Are you a deity? Because you look unreal.

Are you a pastafarian? Because you have just been touched with noodly appendage.

Are you a secular humanist? Because I want to engage in a rational conversation.

Are you a traditionalist? Because your form is extraordinary.

Are you religious? Wanna drink with me and sleep in together Sunday morning.

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Did it hurt when you fell from non existent heaven? Because you look like an angel. Not the religious kind, but the kind I can get drunk enough to sleep with me

Did it hurt when you turned to logic and reasoning?.

Did it hurt when you were ripped from the cold bosom of oblivion and given conscious thought?.

Do you like Revelations? I’m not wearing any underwear.

Don’t worry. Nobody’s watching.

Evolution perfected itself when it made you.

Excuse me, but you are one sexy combination of atoms.

Hey baby, there is no need for condoms. I don’t believe in STDs.

Hey girl, do you believe in the survival of the fittest? Because I want to celebrate triumph your fine a*s.

Hey girl, let’s combine our starstuff.

Hey there, have you been touched by the great noodly appendage?.

Hey you want to go watch Religulous and bang?.

I believe we are a perfect match, but will you come home with me so I can test my hypothesis.

I don’t believe in Christianity, but you can talk to my snake anytime.

I know I’m an atheist but, GOD DAMN you’re gorgeous.

I know you’re an atheist, but I can make you scream God.

I may not be Jesus, but you can still nail me.

I may not go to church, but I have an organ for you.

I naturally select you.

I’m an atheist… until I orgasm.

In what kingdom shall we come?.

Is that a copy of Origin of Species in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?.

Jesus may not come a second time, but I sure can.

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Let me show you there is a God.

Naturally, I’d select you over anyone else

Nice genes. Want to go half on the baby?.

You are like my soulmate, if I had a soul.

You are so sweet must be the deoxyribose in your DNA.

You can’t spell EVOLVE without LOVE.

You have been chosen by the Dark Lord to be defiled on the ceremonial altar. It’s quite an honor.

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