List Of Best Boarding Primary Schools In Nairobi 2023

Boarding Primary Schools In Nairobi

Here is a full list of all Boarding Primary Schools in Nairobi County.

If you are looking for a good, affordable, reliable and an accredited (licensed) Boarding Primary School in Nairobi.

In this article, with the help of parents who have currently enrolled their children to Boarding Primary Schools In Nairobi, we have been able to list down all the best boarding Primary schools in Nairobi Kenya today.

Below is the list of Nairobi County Boarding Primary Schools.

Boarding Primary Schools in Nairobi:

  • Nairobi Primary School
  • Augustana Academy – Primary
  • Westlands Primary School
  • St. Mary Academy Primary
  • Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Primary
  • Rev. Osakaise Precious Centre & School – Primary
  • St. Martins Primary School
  • Loresho Primary School
  • Kabete Rehabilitation School
  • Karura SDA Church School – Primary

-St. Mary Academy Jacaranda Primary

  • The Kings School
  • Josnah Primary School
  • Welkim Academy
  • Vickmery Junior Academy
  • St. Charles Lwanga Boys Town
  • Twin Birds Academy
  • Jubilant Junior Academy
  • Mukuru Community Centre
  • Embakasi Garrison Primary School
  • Embakasi Benedicta Primary School
  • Dayspring Junior Primary School
  • Blessed Preparatory Centre – Primary
  • Amani Neighbourhood Watch For Orphans Primary
  • Safaith Centre Primary School
  • Pumwani Primary School Special
  • Le Pic Primary School
  • Muranga Road Primary
  • Kings High School And Center-Primary
  • Kyuna Academy Primary
  • Kiriwa Road School – Primary
  • Silvergate Academy – Primary
  • Wanja & Kim Comp School
  • Brightstar Schools – Primary
  • Mirema School – Primary
  • Ridgeways Academy
  • St. Benedicts Thome Senior School
  • Star Of Hope Academy – Primary
  • Future Kids Academy Primary
  • Bensesa Academy – Primary
  • Amaf Academy Primary
  • Sewdish School
  • Gracious Glory Center Primary
  • Royal International Academy Primary
  • St. Stephens Vb Orphans And Educational Centre Primary
  • St. Hannahs’ Primary School
  • Forest View Academy Primary
  • St. Elizabeth Academy Primary
  • Don Bosco Primary
  • St. Francis Integrated Primary School
  • Shilida Academy Primary
  • Brookhouse Schools Primary
  • Banda School Primary
  • Malezi School Primary
  • Jonathan Gloag Academy
  • Bellevue Primary
  • Cecilia Academy
  • New Direction Primary School
  • Akili Complex Primary School
  • Huruma Kibera Primary School
  • Lindi Primary School
  • Marion Academy
  • Baraka Za Ibrahim Children Center-Primary School
  • Anajali Primary School
  • Lifespring Christian Acadmy Primary
  • Merciful Redeemer Home Academy Primary
  • M.M Chandaria Primary School
  • Undugu Society Primary School
  • GSU Primary School
  • Timanne Junior Academy – Primary
  • Mercury Academy Primary
  • Waithaka Special School
  • Dagoretti Special School Primary
  • New Highlight Primary School
  • Cathsam Primary School
  • Kwa Watoto Centre And School (Primary)
  • Bethlehem Primary School
  • Wanford Academy
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Those are Boarding Primary Schools that are located in Nairobi County.

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