Cascade Institute of Hospitality Certificate & Diploma Courses Offered 2023

Cascade Institute of Hospitality

Cascade Institute Of Hospitality offers both Certificate and Diploma Courses In the Institution. This article (Cascade Institute of Hospitality Certificate & Diploma 2021/2022) will cover all the certificate and diploma courses that are currently available at CIH.

The institution has made it possible for hospitality students to pursue their desired courses in the institution and make a successful career out of it.

Below is the list of certificate courses/programs and diploma courses offered at CIH Institute.

Starting with Certificate Courses, here are courses offered at Cascade Institute of Hospitality.

Cascade Institute of Hospitality Certificate Courses:

Certificate Courses include

Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)

Android Applications Development(Android Applications Development)

Certificate in Computer Programming/Software Engineering Specialist(Programming)

Certificate in Housekeeping and Accommodation

Management(Housekeeping and Accommodation Management)

Certificate in Web Design and Development(Web Design)

Proficiency in Foreign Languages(Foreign Languages)

English Proficiency(English)

Certificate in Food and Beverage Production and Service()

Certificate in Events Management(Events Management)

Computer Packages

International Computer Driving License(ICDL)

Certificate in Tour Guiding and Travel Operations(Tour Guiding)

Certificate in Cake Making and Decoration(Caking Making)

Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)

Certificate in Graphic Design(Graphic Design)

Certificate in Baking and Pastry(Pastry and Baking)

Cascade Institute of Hospitality Diploma Courses

Here are diploma courses offered at CIH

Diploma in Pastry & Bakery(Pastry & Bakery)

Diploma in Hospitality Management(Hospitality Management)

Diploma in Culinary Arts(Culinary Arts)

Diploma in Food and Beverage Production, Sales and Management

Diploma in Professional Cookery

Foundation Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality

Diploma in Tourism Management

Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)

Interested candidates can download the Cascade Application Form at the institution’s official page.

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Have a question? Contact the institution through their website for accurate information about the institution and courses offered.

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