List Of Famous Celebrities With Sanpaku Eyes

Sanpaku eyes celebrities

Did you know that these celebrities have Sanpaku eyes?. It’s time to find out today if your favorite celeb has Sanpaku eyes.

What is Sanpaku eyes?.

In a nutshell, Sanpaku the word is a Japanese term which translates to “three whites”.

This term which was introduced to English over 60 years ago basically refers to eyes in which the white space above or below the iris is visible.

Most people with Sanpaku eyes are always overwhelmed with myths such as Sanpaku-eyed people and their eyes will/can cause tragic deaths or the eyes make them prone to chronic illnesses faster than normal-eyed people.

None of these theories have been scientifically proven and remain myths and beliefs.

You may wonder how rare are sanpaku eyes?

The Science of Sanpaku Eyes says;
Yin sanpaku, aka “scleral show” in medical terms, affects about half of people to some degree, according to a 2020 study that measured 123 volunteers who lacked eye diseases, 19% of the total had a more pronounced scleral show, a millimeter or more.

Now that’s about as common as having blue eyes, dimples or a unibrow.

As you can tell from the list below, these are successful and very normal people living a good life having sanpaku eyes.

With that being said, here are the names of celebrities today who have Sanpaku eyes.

The most famous female celebrity with Sanpaku eyes is Billie Eilish.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Sanpaku Eyes (scleral show):

  1. Billie Eilish
  2. Mila Kunis
  3. Silvester Stallone
  4. Jeremy Allen White
  5. Robert Pattison
  6. Diana Ross
  7. Amanda Seyfried
  8. Twiggy
  9. Aubrey Plaza
  10. Lynda Carter
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