Meet Fidelpipo: Here Is What You Need To Know About The TikTok Star

Who is Fidelpipo

Who is Fidelpipo? The TikTok star who gives girls sleepless nights and his tattoos grab attention in every video he posts on TikTok.

Fidelpipo has managed to accumulate millions of followers on TikTok and over 160k followers on his Instagram account.

With that being said, here is what you need to know about the TikTok star.

Fidelpipo Profile and Biography:

Fidelpipo was born in March 9, 1991 in the country of Scotland, where is also the place he grew up, but he is currently living in the USA, Florida.

The TikTok star is 32 years of age as of 2023, his zodiac sign is Pisces and his Instagram is @sojmanii

He made his debut in July 2022 when he uploaded a video in which he held a lollipop stick in his mouth like a cigarette while riding in an elevator. Since then, his follower base has grown significantly.

Fidelpipo is a gym enthusiast and other than that he also models for covers of romance novels and has been featured in various Magazines.

Does Fidelpipo have a girlfriend or wife?.

Many of his followers are wondering if the hot guy is in a relationship or single.

Fidelpipo has tried his best to keep this private and many assume his still single judging from his videos.

The TikTok star has gained celebrity status from his videos on TikTok that manage to get millions of views and thousands of likes.

sojmanii is Fidelpipo Instagram.

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