Best (funniest) Kenyan TikTok Comedians To Follow In 2023

Best comedy TikTokers in Kenya

If you are like a most young Kenyans today, then you probably have the TikTok app on your smartphone.

TikTok has got millions of Kenyans hooked up to their phones for hours, literally.

Most tiktok videos are dances, educational videos, song lyrics, movie scenes and short music videos including tending videos in Kenya and viral videos to name just a few.

But comedy videos that are funny and hilarious at the same time are the most popular videos on tiktok Kenya today.

There are thousands of tiktok Kenya comedians who are always posting creative, relevant, trending and funny videos on their tiktok page every single day to entertain their Kenyan and international fans.

But not all kenyan comedian tiktokers are funny enough, some of them are just trying too hard to make people laugh or have a viral video on the video sharing platform.

In this article, with the help of Kenyans on Tiktok and Kenyan comedians, we have comes up with the list of the top best TikTokers in comedy.

Here is the list of the top best comedy tiktok stars to follow in the country today for a daily dose of extremely funny Tiktok videos.

With that being said, below are the best and the funniest Kenyan TikTok comedians to follow this year and immediately get addicted to tiktok, laughing out by yourself.

Funniest Comedy TikTokers In Kenya:

  1. Crazy Kenner – @crazy_kennar
  2. Flaqo – @flaqoraz
  3. Teacher Wanjiku – @teacherwanjiku
  4. DJ Shiti – @djshiti_comedian
  5. Cartoon Comedian – @cartoon_comedian22
  6. Bena Wa Malines – @benawamalines
  7. Jacky Vike – @jackyvike
  8. Padi – @padiwubonn
  9. Terence – @terencecreative
  10. Vick Brandon – @vick_brandon
  11. Nicki Bigfish – @nickibigfish
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