List Of All Newest (Youngest) Countries In The World 2022

Youngest Countries

What’s the most latest and newest country to exist this year?.

Here is the list of all the countries that are the youngest in the world, they include the newest and youngest countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and America just to name a few continents.

With that being said, below are the world’s youngest countries.

Till date, South Sudan is currently the youngest country in the world and Africa’s Newest Country.

Kosovo is also one of the latest countries to ever exist.

Youngest Countries In The World:

  1. South Sudan 🇸🇩 — split from Sudan in 2011
  2. Kosovo 🇽🇰 — seceded from Serbia in 2008
  3. Montenegro 🇲🇪  — separated from Serbia in 2006
  4. East Timor — gained independenced from Indonesia in 1975
  5. Serbia 🇷🇸 — separated from Montenegro in 2000
  6. Palau 🇵🇼 — graduated from U.N. Trust program in 1994
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