How To Download Videos From Youtube Directly 2023

How To Download Videos From Youtube

Did you just watch your favorite video on YouTube and you would like to download it and keep it in your gallery for future access.

This article will help you solve your problem, this article has two ways to help you download YouTube videos with your phone directly or using a PC or laptop.

But again this is not limited, if you are using a tablet or any gadget that can access the internet, then you are good to go.

Because YouTube only allows users to watch videos online, it’s pretty hard to find the right tools to use to get a video out of the YouTube website and into your device’s storage.

Without wasting any more time, here are the two ways designed to be easy so you can download YouTube videos whether you are in Kenya or any part of the world, as long as you have access to an internet connection, you can definitely download YouTube videos using these methods.

Below is how to download YouTube videos easily and directly from YouTube in 2021.

How to download YouTube videos On Phone:

Method 1:

Using your mobile phone, Android or an iPhone, follow these easy steps to download any video from YouTube now.

Frist go on the YouTube App, search and open the video you wish to download.

Next as the video is playing (you can also pause it if you want to), you will need to tap on the share button, below the playing video, it has a shape of an arrow.

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After tapping on the baton, YouTube will give you a couple of options to choose from, choose the “Copy Link” option.

Once the link to the video you want to download has been copied to your clipboard, now it’s time to open your browser, (Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox or any other browser you have installed on your phone)

Ones the browser is up and running, on the URL section or where you type what you want to search for, on the browser you have opened, you now need to type in the following website address:

When the website has opened, long press and paste in the link you copied on YouTube to the website.

Then select download and your video will be downloaded in a couple of seconds.

Once your video is successfully downloaded, you can access it in your phone when you are offline.

That’s it, you have downloaded a video from YouTube. You can download as many videos as you want, there is no limit.

How to download YouTube videos On Your Computer:

Method 2:

Using your laptop, computer, PC go to YouTube website:

Once there search the video you would like to download on your pc.

First you will need to download YouTube Downloader app in your computer.

Then when accessing the YouTube video you want to download from YouTube, you will need to add ‘SS’ on the video’s url on YouTube.

This is how you do it, in the URL link of the video you want to download, edit the link by inserting ‘SS’after www. without the quotation marks.

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Now press the enter button and your video will be downloaded automatically.

Just like the first method, you can download as many YouTube videos as you possibly can.

That’s how to download a video on YouTube the easy way.

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